Welcome to Kayleigh's Fanfiction

I've been writing fanfiction for some time now, and I love writing. I also love reading. I'm going to place all my stories here, and even though they are now mostly General Hospital, I think I will venture out and explore some other shows and series I like to watch.

I hope you enjoy reading and looking around this site.


Yup. That's me.

I'm Kayleigh, and I'm 20 years old. Or young, depends on how you look at it. I live in the Netherlands, but I love English and I love writing and reading in English.

I have three cats and a dog. (See below for the slideshow)

Ever since I started writing I've been writing for General Hospital. All my stories are about GH's Jason Morgan and Sam McCall, because I absolutely adore them together.

I am, however going to try and write some different fics for other shows, because I watch a lot of series and I just want to try and venture out of my comfort zone.

Enough about me, because I have one last thing left to say that is very important. All the banners for my stories (or almost every one of them) are made by a friend of mine, Gita. She's absolutely amazing with graphics so I'm going to link her site, you can see what she does.

Ok, so again, have fun looking around and reading some of my stories.


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