Moving Forward

SUMMARY: After Jason threatened Sam, she leaves town. A couple of years later she comes back changed, and Jason tried to get her back. Will their past allow them to be together again?

Rating: NC17


Augustus 2007

Sam opened the door and almost fell in her apartment, and suddenly a light switch on. She looked over to see Jason sitting on her couch, looking very angry.

‘’We need to talk,’’ Jason said and Sam sighed.

‘’After months of lying to my face and shutting me out, you show up in my couch, ready to have a heart-to-heart,’’ Sam said while walking over to her liquor table . ‘’I think it’s a little too late for that, Jason. I made my choice, you made yours. There’s nothing left to say to each other.’’ She took a sip of the drink she just poured. She heard Jason standing up, but didn’t turn to look at him.

‘’I found the men from the park,’’ Jason said, and after a while she looked at him. He was standing next to her, looking angry at her. ‘’And I know you paid.. them to threaten Elizabeth.. and my son.’’ She now had turned to face him, and when he said that she took a deep breath.

‘’Did you honestly think I wouldn’t find out?’’ he asked her and she shook her head once.

‘’Those man were paid to scare Elizabeth, not hurt her,’’ Sam explained.

‘’They pulled a gun. The cops would’ve shown up, who knows what would’ve happened. Cam and Jake could’ve been caught in the crossfire,’’ Jason said sternly.

‘’I was there to make sure that didn’t happen, Jason. So the way I see it, I did you a favor by staging that accident in the park. Elizabeth got a wake-up call before it’s too late,’’ She said with raised voice. ‘’So instead of standing here confronting me, you should be thanking me for saving your son from the real danger… which would be you.’’ She walked past him, and turned around when he threw a glass against the fireplace. He turned to look at her with anger in his eyes, and she felt uncomfortable.

‘’If you think that I am wrong about the danger and you’re willing to risk Elizabeth’s life to be with your son, or have one – or both of them – shot in your arms, then just say so, Jason,’’ she almost yelled, and pointed at the door. ‘’I will march down to her right now and tell her I set the whole thing up. You know as well as I do – you said it yourself, Elizabeth and Jake – and don’t forget Cameron – will never be safe with you.’’

‘’You stood by while Jake was kidnapped. You hired two men to threaten Elizabeth while her children watched,’’ he said right after she finished. She could feel his rage roll over her. ‘’What is wrong with you?’’ he yelled the last part. She breathed deeply, as she felt the tears build up in her eyes. ‘’You want revenge? You want to be angry at somebody? You be angry at me! You leave Elizabeth-‘’

‘’Jason, I gave up everything to be with you!’’ she yelled at him. ‘’I was shot because of you! I cannot have kids because of you, and then you go and have one with Elizabeth?’’

‘’You stay away from Elizabeth, you don’t go near her or her children again,’’ Jason said pointing at Sam.

‘’What, are you threatening me?’’ Sam asked him shocked.

‘’If you hurt them – again – I will kill you,’’ Jason said softly, and Sam, who had been looking him in his eyes when he said that, looked down. She stood there for a while, and decided it was time. It was time to leave Port Charles. She sat down on the couch and started crying. There was a knock at the door.

‘’Sam, open the door,’’ she heard Lucky say from the other side of the door, but she didn’t open. She was sitting there, with her glass in her hand, and sniffed a couple of times. Lucky opened the door himself, and stood in the doorway when he say her.

‘’Are you alright? Hey—‘’ he wrapped his arm around her when he sat down next to her, and pulled her against him. She sighed, and let him comfort her. ‘’Hey, it’s ok. You have nothing to be afraid of, I’m here.’’ She sniffed a couple more times and held his arm. She leaned against his chest.

‘’I’m so sorry,’’ she said, and sat up, wiping away the tears. ‘’Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to melt down like that.’’

‘’Hey, what happened,’’ Lucky asked when he saw the broken glass by the fireplace.

‘’Nothing,’’ Sam lied.

‘’Nothing? That,’’ he said, and pointed at the broken glass, ‘’doesn’t look like ‘nothing’ to me.’’

‘’I..I let my anger get the best of me. You know, there’s so much inside that needs to come out, and when it does, it just causes a lot of damage,’’ she said, looking at Lucky, trying to keep the tears down. ‘’I break things, Lucky, that can’t be fixed.’’

‘’So what set you off tonight?’’ Lucky asked softly. Sam took a deep breath.

‘’Knowing that I’m alone,’’ she said, with raised eyebrows.

‘’Sam, you’re not alone. You have me,’’ Lucky replied sincere, and he rubbed her back. She looked down at her hands.

‘’You mean that, don’t you?’’ she asked him, and she looked back at him.

‘’Yeah,’’ Lucky just said.

‘’Thank you. Thank you Lucky. I mean, I just.. I feel so much safer knowing that I have you,’’ Sam said, while wiping away another tear.

Lucky left after a while, and Sam began packing her bags. she was just finishing up the last things, when there was a knock at the door. She went to open it and saw Spinelli standing there, with a orange bag.

‘’Fair Samantha I – I come bearing you gifts to welcome you to your new domicile,’’ he said, walking in and looking around. She closed the door and looked at the bag.

You didn’t have to get me anything,’’ she said, and she took the bag from him.

‘’Oh, the Jackal insists, please,’’ Spinelli replied, smiling. She didn’t look so well, she must’ve been crying, he thought.

‘’What—‘’ Sam said laughing, when she looked in the bag. ‘’Ok.’’ She grabbed in the bag and took out a lava lamp. She put it together while Spinelli explained.

‘’It’s for soothing contemplation, and it seems to come at a time of obvious need,’’ he said, while looking at her. Sam looked at him.

‘’Thank you,’’ she said, with a lump in her throat. They both nodded and Sam walked over to the couch and sat down. She grabbed her glass and sighed. Spinelli also walked over to the couch.

‘’How are you doing?’’ he asked her. He knew what probably happened with Jason.

‘’Not well. Uh-uh,’’ Sam said, and took a sip of her drink. Spinelli sat down.

‘’The Jackal sympathizes with your pain. I mean, I know – unfortunately, better than most – how – how harsh it is to face the reality of losing the one you love,’’ he said, while he looked at Sam.

‘’Oh, come on. No,’’ Sam said. ‘’I am not upset about breaking up with Jason,’’ she said and sighed.

‘’Well, then why does the Fair One appear melancholy?’’ he asked surprised.

‘’Just because you spent years of your life with someone you love, who never really loved you, I – ‘’

‘’No, no, no. No, that’s not true. Stone Cold had the utmost –‘’

‘’ ‘Stone Cold’.. ‘Stone Cold’ – Now that is a nickname literally dead-on. Jason doesn’t know how to love, and he will turn on anyone that gets in his way.’’ Sam stood up and went to the fireplace to clean it up. Spinelli followed her as she did that, and when she was done he wanted to say something else.

‘’I know the secret of baby Jake’s true parentage hurt you deeply, but Jason has always been kind and generous to us,’’ he said, and Sam sighed.

‘’There is no defense for Jason,’’ she said shaking her head. ‘’He is a blank wall, completely devoid of any real emotion.’’

‘’Ok, Jason may not wear his heart on his sleeve, but he is been a loyal friend and mentor to the Jackal, so if you could just refrain from trashing him – at least in my presence?’’ he asked.

‘’Uh-uh. No, look, there is a disconnect with Jason,’’ Sam said, explaining to Spinelli. ‘’He is who he is, and he expects everyone in his life to make the adjustments. Right?’’ Spinelli looked at his feet. ‘’I am tired of twisting myself into knots to fit in his life.’’ She put down her glass, and looked at Spinelli. ‘’I loved him with – everything I had, and he didn’t love me back. So, you know, I just – I feel like after everything he’s done, he definitely deserves to end up alone.’’ Spinelli didn’t know what to say. Sam nodded a couple of times.

After saying goodbye to Spinelli, Sam grabbed her bags and threw them in her car. Now, she was really leaving. She looked around the apartment, but she didn’t feel anything. This wasn’t her home, and it would never be her home, but she would keep it. Just in case she would want to come back.

Chapter 1

November 2009

Sam opened her door and flicked on the light. Everything looked the same, just like she left it. She saw someone had cleaned up before she came home. She had to remember to thank Alexis for doing that. She dropped her bags on the floor and sat down on the couch. She had missed Port Charles. There was a knock at the door and she rose to open it.

‘’Sam, I heard you were back. Back to make trouble again?’’ Carly asked, and she walked past Sam. Sam sighed, and closed the door.

‘’Carly, what are you doing here?’’ she asked Jason’s best friend. ‘’I hope not to make my first day back miserable.’’

‘’Oh, wait.. There is something different,’’ Carly said, surprised Sam didn’t jump her right away. ‘’What’s up? This is new.’’

‘’Yeah, well, I don’t want any trouble, I just want to unpack and relax,’’ Sam said softly, and she sat down on the couch.

‘’Why did you come back?’’ Carly asked, and she tried to be nice, she didn’t want to pick a fight either.

‘’I – I came back because I missed my little sisters, Carly,’’ Sam said. ‘’Not that it’s any of your business.’’ Carly sighed and sat down next to Sam.

‘’Where have you been? Jason was worried when he –‘’

‘’When he what? He threatened me, Carly, and I left because I had nothing – nothing left here,’’ Sam said angry.

‘’Jason came back the day after – to apologize for being so mean. And when you weren’t there, he was worried something had happened to you,’’ Carly said, and Sam looked shocked at this information. ‘’He even went to Alexis, who told him you left town the same day.’’

‘’Yeah – I did. Right after he left, Lucky and Spinelli came by, and after that I packed my bags and left.’’

‘’I see. You just came back?’’ Carly asked, and Sam nodded. ‘’Ok – Why don’t you go and talk to Jason?’’

‘’What – No way, Carly, I know he lives here too, but if I have anything to say about it – I don’t ever want to see him again,’’ Sam said, almost screaming.

‘’Ok, you don’t have to get all mad and all – I just wanted to help you,’’ Carly said, and she raised her hands in surrender. Sam nodded, and Carly looked at her. She changed, for the better. She was calmer than before, and she wondered what happened. ‘’So, what have you done the last – 2 years?’’ Carly asked bluntly.

‘’Nothing – at least nothing that-‘’

‘’Oh, now come on Sam, Let’s just be civil, ok?’’ Carly said when she figured what Sam was going to say. Sam nodded and looked away.

‘’I – I’ve been around the world,’’ she answered Carly, and Carly nodded.

They talked about where Sam had been, and what had happened in Port Charles while she was away, and Carly left. Sam liked her, she was changed.

She decided to go to her mother’s, to see her sisters. It was Saturday, so they would be home. She grabbed her keys, threw them in her purse and put her coat on. She locked the door behind her and walked to her car.

When she got to the lake house, she knocked on the door and Kristina opened it almost right away.

‘’Sam!’’ she yelled, and she hugged her big sister.

‘’Hey,’’ Sam said, hugging her sister back. ‘’Whoa, you’ve grown!’’ Kristina smiled at Sam, and grabbed her hand to drag her inside. Sam closed the door behind her and saw Alexis sitting at the table.

‘’Hey, Sam,’’ Alexis said, and she rose to give her daughter a hug.

‘’Hey, Alexis. Thanks for keeping my apartment clean,’’ Sam said after hugging her mother. Alexis smiled. She was glad her daughter came home, and she gestured for Sam to sit down on the couch.

‘’You want something to drink?’’ Alexis asked, and Sam shook her head.

‘’No, not going to stay too long. I just wanted to see you and my sisters,’’ Sam replied, and Alexis nodded and sat down next to her. She told her Molly was out, and Sam nodded.

‘’So, you look great,’’ Alexis said, and Sam smiled.

‘’Thanks, you don’t look so bad yourself.’’
They talked about everything, even though Sam had called once a week, there was a lot to tell about what happened in their lives.

‘’Jason – I heard he isn’t the father of Elizabeth’s baby,’’ Alexis said carefully. Sam looked surprised. Carly hadn’t told her that, but then again – she didn’t want to hear anything about Jason.

‘’Oh – Ok.’’ She just said. She didn’t want to sound like she wanted to know everything about Jason, but she did – want to know everything about him. She had missed him, even though he had threatened to kill her before she left – it was the reason she left, he missed him. She still loved him, but it had changed over the years. She didn’t have to depend on him to get things done anymore. But that didn’t matter, she didn’t want to see him. She told Alexis that, and Alexis nodded.

‘’Ok. So what brings you back to Port Charles?’’ Alexis asked. She knew there was something, and it wasn’t just her and the girls.

‘’Well – I missed you and the girls,’’ Sam said.

‘’There’s more, I know, so just tell me,’’ Alexis pushed her. Sam sighed.

‘’I broke up with Dave,’’ Sam told her, and Alexis nodded. Now she understood. Dave was Sam’s boyfriend – ex boyfriend now. Sam had told her they were having a hard time lately, because he wanted to have children – and she couldn’t give him what he wanted.

‘’I – Alexis, I have to go, I need to unpack my stuff, and then go to sleep, I’m exhausted,’’ Sam told her mother and rose from the couch. Alexis nodded and did the same, and hugged her.

‘’Ok, I will see you soon, ok,’’ Alexis said, and Sam nodded. She stepped back and walked to the door, said goodbye to Kristina and drove home.

When she got home, she opened a bottle of whiskey, and poured some in a glass. She had decided on the way home she would unpack tomorrow. Now – she was going to drink, and sleep. She sat down on the couch and sighed. She took a sip of her drink, and felt as the warm fluid made its way down her stomach.

She thought about her conversation with Carly, and she saw now – Carly was different, but so was she. Maybe – just maybe – they could be friends. Or even be civil, she didn’t care. She just didn’t want to fight with Carly anymore. She had enough of fighting. A knock at the door interrupted her thoughts, and she jumped from the couch to open the door. She had thought it was Alexis, but it wasn’t.

‘’Jason,’’ she whispered, and she looked into his beautiful blue eyes. He nodded, and looked back. There was something different about her, he couldn’t quite figure it out. She was even more beautiful than when she had left, and he couldn’t stop looking at her.

‘’Sam,’’ Jason replied. ‘’Can I come in?’’ Sam was surprised he was even here. She almost expected him to disappear, like in a dream. But she wasn’t dreaming, she was wide awake, and he was standing in front of her, looking at her like – like he had missed her. That shocked her, and she had to remind herself to close her mouth.

‘’I – Uh, sure,’’ Sam said, and stepped aside to let him in. When Jason walked past her, he touched her hand, and she felt a shock trough her body. She had missed him, his touch. She had missed being around him, even after he threatened her.

‘’Carly told me you were back,’’ Jason told her, and she nodded, as she closed the door and turned around to face him. He took a deep breath. ‘’Why did you leave?’’

Chapter 2

‘’Why did you leave?’’ Jason asked her, and she shook her head. Why?

‘’Why? Come on Jason, you must know why I left,’’ Sam said softly, and he nodded.

‘’Yes, but I need to hear it from you, not from Carly,’’ he said, looking at her intensely.

‘’I left because – of you,’’ she told him, and she felt tears filling her eyes. He looked at his feet. He had known it, but he didn’t want to believe it. He went to her, and hoped she would say something else. But the truth was – he had known all along why she left. He felt guilty – he was guilty.

‘’Sam – I’m so sorry, for-‘’

‘’No, stop, Jason. I don’t want to hear you’re sorry,’’ Sam said, interrupting Jason. She really didn’t want to hear anything about that day she left.

‘’Sam you have to listen to me, please, let me just – just tell you what I want to say..’’ Sam nodded, she couldn’t deny she wanted to hear what he had to say.

‘’I – me threatening you was wrong. We both make mistakes, but I didn’t have the right to do that to you. I hate the way I’ve acted to you, and I want to make it right,’’ he said, and he looked her in the eyes. ‘’Will you let me?’’ Sam looked surprised. He had asked her if – if she would let him make things right, and she knew she was going to say yes. She was quiet for a couple of moments.

‘’Yes, I – I will,’’ she replied. ‘’But don’t expect it to be easy, Jason.’’ She wiped away the tears and looked at her feet. Jason moves closer to her, but she took a step back also.

‘’Thank you, Sam,’’ he said, and she could hear the sincerity in his voice. She looked back at him, and she saw he was looking around her home.

‘’Sam, Jake – Jake’s not mine,’’ Jason told her after some moments of silence. She nodded.

‘’I heard,’’ she replied, and he looked surprised. ‘’Alexis told me, Jason.’’

‘’Oh – I see,’’ he said. ‘’What did you – you and Carly talk about?’’ he asked, not sure if he had the right.

‘’All kinds of stuff. She changed – she changed a lot, and I really like the way she changed,’’ Sam told Jason, and he nodded.

‘’Yeah. After she lost her baby, she changed, became softer. She had a hard time,’’ he replied and Sam nodded.

‘’Yeah, I know it’s hard to lose a baby, Jason,’’ Sam said, and he nodded. He knew what it was like too, and she looked at him while remembering the day she lost her baby. She and Alexis hadn’t even talked about it anymore, and she could see Jason when he told her – her baby was gone. She had yelled at him, she hit him, but he just wanted to comfort her, and she could imagine how he would’ve helped Carly through it.

‘’Do you – did you have fun while you were away?’’ Jason asked after some silence, and she nodded.

‘’Yes – I did have fun,’’ Sam lied. Actually, she had hated it he first year and wanted to go back the second year. But she didn’t, because she needed space, time to think. She had lost everything when she saw Jake getting kidnapped and didn’t say anything. After she left she had thought about what she had done a lot, and she felt guilty.

‘’Jason – I wanted to say something,’’ she said, softly. She was afraid of what he might say, and she waited until he looked at her and nodded. ‘’I’m – I’m so sorry for what I did to you, Elizabeth and Jake, I don’t know what came over me.’’ He nodded again, but he didn’t react right away.

‘’You know, I had a lot of time to think about it. I understand, part of it. You just had found out he was my son – even though he isn’t – and I didn’t tell you when I found out,’’ he said. ‘’I should’ve just told you when I found out – when Elizabeth told me, when she lied to me. But I didn’t want to hurt you, especially since you just found out you couldn’t have – a baby of your own.’’ She looked at him, while wiping away the tears. It was still hard to think about the kids she would never have.

They talked serious for a while longer. They spoke about Jake, how he found out he wasn’t his son after all, and how he took it.

‘’It must’ve been – hard for you, I know you wanted a kid,’’ Sam said. Jason nodded, but didn’t say anything. She knew what he was feeling. He did always wanted to have a baby, but he thought his life was too dangerous, so he had wanted to wait. She stopped thinking about children, because she felt the lump in her throat grow.

‘’Jason,’’ she whispered, but she didn’t know what to say to him. He looked at her, and he nodded. He knew it was hard to talk like nothing had happened. He too felt a little uncomfortable. They both felt guilty, and they had to try and get past the past, and move on.

''I want to try and move on, be friends again,’’ Jason said, and Sam nodded. She wanted that too, more than anything in the world.

‘’Me too, Jason. But it’s going to be hard, you know,’’ she replied, and Jason nodded. He knew. This was going to be the hardest thing they had ever done. There was so much to get past, it wasn’t just a little bump in the road. It was a mountain, and they both knew it.

‘’Let’s just – just try to make it work, and we will see where we are going from here. Ok?’’ he said, and she nodded and rose from the couch. She wanted to get something to drink, and looked at him.

‘’You want something?’’ she asked, while pointing at the bottle of whiskey. Jason shook his head.

‘’No, I – I think I have to go,’’ he said, and he rose. He walked over to Sam, and she looked up at him.

‘’Bye,’’ he said softly, and she wanted to hug him. She wanted to touch him, but she didn’t. She took a step back, and he did too.

‘’Bye,’’ she whispered, and he turned around and walked away, closing the door softly behind him.

She stood there, watching the door for a couple of moments, and turned around to pour herself a drink. She knew it would be hard to make things right again, after the way they left things, but she also knew that they both wanted it. So it was going to happen, they were going to try and get past what happened, and be friends.

She walked to the bathroom, she felt like taking a shower, and she turned on the water. she undressed and got under the hot stream of water, and sighed. This felt good, after the day she had.

When she got dressed for the night, she sat down for a while in the living room thinking about this day.

She and Carly had talked, like normal adults, without fighting. she knew they were not friends, not even close, but maybe they would be, maybe they could get past what happened, after all this time. Carly had been mad at her for getting pregnant, but they never really talked about it. She figured they never would, but it wasn’t necessary.

She went to Alexis, after she and Carly had talked, and she had a nice time with her mother, and sister. Kristina – she thought about how big she had gotten, and she smiled. It was too bad Molly hadn’t been there, she was 5 now, and she was curious about how big she had gotten. She had called Alexis, and she had talked to Molly and Kristina on the phone. Alexis had even sent her photo’s of the girls, but it was nothing compared to seeing them.

She had been shocked, to see Jason standing at her door, and when he apologized, she was even more shocked, but they had a heart-to-heart, and it was nice they had talked. After she told herself she didn’t want to see him, she began to doubt her decision, and she was glad he came by to talk.

They had both been honest about their feelings, they had told each other they were willing to try, and they would. It was going to be a long and winding road, but she knew for sure they would get there, some day. At first it would be hard, uncomfortable, and when they had talked more about all the past things, they would find a way to get past it.

She rose to get to bed, and when she got in bed she sighed. She was exhausted, and when her head hit the pillow she was gone – to dreamland.

Chapter 3

December 2009

Jason opened the door and saw Sam standing there. It was raining, and she was soaking wet.

‘’Sorry, I – the roads have been closed, and I can’t get home, so I thought.. I thought I could come here,’’ she said, shivering.

‘’Yeah, yeah, come in,’’ Jason said, stepping aside to let Sam in. she walked past him, her arm brushed his stomach, and he took in a deep breath. He thought he felt a shock, and when Sam turned around and he saw the look on her face he knew he had felt it.

‘’Do you want to change? I have some clothes for you, if you want to.’’

‘’Sure, yeah, or I’m going to be sick, right?’’ Sam said, and smiled at him. He nodded and smiled back, and walked upstairs, Sam following him, to get her the clothes. When he gave them to her he went back down stairs and waited for her. He looked in the fire at the fireplace, and thought about the last couple of months.

Since Sam had come back they had been talking about what happened in the past, with Elizabeth and Jake. They talked about how Jason had found out he wasn’t Jake’s father – Jake had been really sick and needed blood, so Elizabeth had asked Lucky, instead of Jason. They both had figured it out. Lucky was happy as can be, but Jason – he was devastated.

They had talked about the past two years, what Sam had done, and what Jason had done. They had been honest with each other, and he was glad it turned out that they were friends now. They weren’t as close as before, but they would come there, he knew for sure.

‘’Thanks, Jason,’’ Sam said, pulling Jason out of his thoughts. He looked at her, in a sweat pants of him – it was too big – and a top of her own, she had left there.

‘’It’s ok,’’ he replied, and she sat down on the couch, and pulled her feet under herself. They listened to the rain for a couple of moments, and it was comfortably silent.

‘’You know, I missed this,’’ Sam said suddenly.

‘’What? Sitting here?’’ Jason asked her, and she nodded.

‘’Yeah – I mean, we did this whenever we had the chance. And after all that’s happened, we didn’t.. we never enjoyed an evening together, just the two of us.’’ Jason nodded.

‘’Look – I think we are going to be here for a while, so why don’t we shoot some pool, drink a beer,’’ Jason said, and Sam nodded.

‘’Yeah, sounds like fun,’’ she replied. They both rose from the couch and Sam walked over to the pool table, while Jason got the beers. When he came back, she was sitting on the back of the couch, and he handed her the beer.

‘’Thanks.’’ She said, and smiled at him. They played a couple of games of pool.


‘’I won – again.. wait a minute,’’ Sam said, and she looked at Jason. ‘’You are letting me win!’’

‘’No, I’m not!’’ he said laughing. She smiled, and walked around the pool table to him.

‘’Yes, you are,’’ she said, pointing at him. She didn’t mean to touch him, but it happened. They looked at each other, they both had felt it – the shock. Her hand was on his chest, and she looked at it. he did too, and then he grabbed her hand and pressed a kiss on it. They were standing close to each other, and she could feel the warmth of his body. She moved a little closer, not knowing if he would reject her or not – it made her a little nervous. She stood on the tip of her toes to kiss him, and he bended his head closer to hers. When their lips touched, she moaned – she had missed this. they still loved each other – she felt it. he pulled her closer to him and deepened the kiss, pushing her against the wall.

‘’Are you sure you want to do this?’’ he asked her, breaking the kiss for a moment. When she nodded, he kissed her again, passionately. He pushed her against the wall, never breaking the kiss. They moaned, touching each other. Sam’s hand caressed Jason’s back, and Jason had her head cupped in his hands. One of his hands went down her back, and he stopped just above her butt. He turned around, lifted her and put her on the edge of the pool table. He pushed her legs apart with his. He bent his mouth to her neck, he drew a trail of kisses on the sensitive skin. her head fell back and her knees went up a fraction, and he pushed himself hard against her. He let his hand slide over her thigh, and admired her figure.

She should resist him, but she couldn’t. She wanted only to feel him, touch him. She pulled his head close for a kiss and let her hands restlessly glide over his body.

He was on fire. He had to have her, and he would get her. He moaned against her lips, let his hands glide over her body and let her feel his erection. She pulled wildly at his waistband, pulled him closer and closer to her. He helped her with her pants, and then she helped him with his. His erection pressed against her, and he felt she was ready for him. She was more than ready, and they both moaned when he moved against her. He kissed her again passionately, and she moaned in his mouth. she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and her legs around his waist and put her heels in his back. Little by little he slipped into her teasing her with his slowness, and she pushed harder against his back.

Then, without warning, he pushed all in and there was a scream on her lips. She threw her head back and gasped for air. She let her hands glide over his chest, over his shoulders, and tried to pull him even closer to her. They began to move, and groaned. There began a fiery heat to build in her belly, and she saw that his face was full of pleasure. They came with each move closer to their climax.

‘’Do you like this?’’ she gasped, and she looked him in his eyes. She saw the passion in his eyes.

‘’Yes,’’ he moaned, and he began moving harder. She gasped for air, and her hands went through his hair. She screamed as she reached her climax, and not much later she heard Jason scream to. She felt him tighten inside of her, and moaned. He laid his head against hers, and they stayed like that until they catched their breaths.

He carried her to the couch, laid her on it, and laid down next to her. They fell asleep almost right away.


Jason woke up on the couch – alone. Sam had left, and he didn’t notice? He was a light sleeper, how could he not have noticed?


Sam woke up a couple of hours later, in her own bed. She had gone home right when Jason had fallen asleep, and she went straight to bed.

She had make a mistake – making love with Jason. They had agreed on working things out, but not on getting back together. She didn’t want another broken heart, so she left before he could wake up. She knew he would come look for her, and she knew it was going to be hard to tell him to leave her alone for a while, but she had to. She couldn’t handle him being around and not being able to hold him, touch him. She wanted to work things out first, but she needed some time.

She got out of bed and walked over to the kitchen to make some coffee. Not much later there was a knock at the door.

‘’Sam, open this door,’’ she heard Jason say. She walked over to the door and took a deep breath before opening it. she didn’t open it enough, so he had to stay outside.

‘’Sam, what’s going on, why did you leave?’’ he asked her, and she shook her head.

‘’Jason, this – this can’t go on like this,’’ she said, and he looked surprised, confused.

‘’What? We need to talk about last night, Sam,’’ he replied, and she nodded.

‘’Yes, but not now, Jason. I need some time to think,’’ she said.

‘’We agreed to work things out, and I don’t want to start anything
before we do, but I need some time, Jason.’’


‘’Because, Jason, come on – you know I still love you, I wouldn’t – we wouldn’t have slept together if I didn’t,’’ she replied. He nodded.

‘’I know, but-‘’

‘’No, Jason, just leave me alone!’’ she yelled, and slammed the door. She leaned against the door, and let herself glide to the floor. She wiped away the tears, but they kept coming. She heard him walking away after he sighed.

She had pushed him away, and she knew she had hurt him. She hurt herself too, but that didn’t matter.

She hoped he still wanted to see her after what she did.

Chapter 4

December 2009

Jason was sitting at his desk, thinking about Sam. They had talked, and he didn’t see her for two weeks. He went to Sam’s apartment to talk to her, but she wasn’t there. She talked to him – but it was not the same. He knew she needed time, and he knew she thought she was doing what was best, but she didn’t. he wanted to be with her, no matter what.

Maybe it was Jake. After everything that happened with Jake and Elizabeth, maybe she was still hurt because of the threats he had made. He could understand that, but why didn’t she just tell him? She was the one that wanted to talk – every time they saw each other, and now she didn’t want to talk, and he did.

He decided he would call her again, to ask her to come over, but he got her answering machine. He left a message, saying he wanted to talk, and hung up. He sat down again, and tried to work, but he couldn’t concentrate.


There was a knock on the door, and he jumped to open it. It was Sam.

‘’Jason, you called. Is something wrong?’’ She asked concerned.

‘’No. I just want to talk,’’ he said, looking at her. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and he loved her with all his heart.

‘’Ok,’’ Sam said, and he knew she was ready to talk. ‘’Let’s talk then.’’ They walked over to the couch, and sat down. He thought about where to begin.

‘’Listen, I know – I know we decided to take it slow –‘’ he began, and Sam interrupted him.

‘’Yes, we did, and we didn’t take it slow, Jason,’’ she said, and he nodded.

‘’I know, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a step back, if you want to. We don’t have to take two steps back, or more,’’ he said, trying not to get frustrated. He never was good in expressing his feelings, and now he had to face it. ‘’Sam, I love you, and I don’t want to lose you again.’’

‘’Jason – we can’t go on like this, you know that,’’ Sam said softly. ‘’We need to take some time apart. You hurt me, a great deal when you didn’t tell me Jake was yours, and it’s hard to think – think that Jake isn’t yours, without thinking about what you said to me before I left.’’

‘’I know, Sam – I told you I was sorry, and I want to work things out,’’ he said, and she nodded.

‘’Yes, me too, Jason. But you have to give me some time to process this. Jake is not your son, but I – I have a hard time adjusting to that. I want to work this out – I really do, but first I need some time,’’ she said. ‘’I want to be with you, and you know that, but..’’ she stopped talking, not being able to explain.

‘’Sam, I know, but we don’t have to avoid each other,’’ he said, but she didn’t answer. ‘’Come on Sam, what do you want me to say?’’

‘’Nothing, Jason. We can’t be friends if what happened that night happens again, I couldn’t handle that,’’ she said.

‘’Yes, I agree, Sam, but we can’t work things out without – seeing each other,’’ he replied, and she nodded. ‘’We can just talk to each other, right?’’

‘’Yes, you’re right Jason. But there are some conditions,’’ she said, after thinking for a while.

‘’Tell me?’’

‘’You don’t touch me, no hugs or anything – I know I’ll want to be with you when you do,’’ she said, and he smiled.

‘’Yes, we can’t touch, unless it’s absolutely necessary,’’ he said, and she smiled back.

‘’Ok – now that we’ve got this settled – I need to go,’’ she said, and he nodded. He showed her out, he was glad they could talk again.

‘’Sam…’’ he started, and she looked at him surprised. ‘’Thanks.’’ She nodded, and smiled again. She walked away, and he sat down at his desk. He knew it was going to be hard not to touch her, but he had to if he wanted to work things out, and he did.


Sam walked to her apartment, glad she and Jason talked, but still not sure what he would do. She was still so heartbroken about the whole Jake thing, she didn’t know what to do. Jason knew her, he knew she had a hard time, and he tried to be understanding, but he wasn’t. he didn’t understand that she lost everything after she lost him. Now her life was back on track, and he had decided to make it work, make it right.

They were going to have to talk about the Jake situation, but not now – first they needed to make sure they didn’t do anything stupid again.

‘’Maxie?’’ Sam said surprised, when she saw her standing in front of her door.

‘’Sam, I don’t know what’s going on, but I heard something about you and Jason. Are you guys back together?’’

‘’Maxie – no, we are not,’’ Sam replied, and she was a little confused. ‘’What are – was that why you came here?’’ when Maxie nodded, she laughed.

‘’This is crazy, Maxie. It’s none of your business.’’

‘’Ok, ok.’’ Maxie’s phone rang and she picked it up, listened, and hung up again. ‘’Sorry, have to go. See you!’’ she said, and walked away, leaving Sam, confused. She walked in her apartment and sat on the couch, thinking about the conversation with Jason.

She had to admit she was glad Jason and she were talking again, and even though it would be hard, they would get through it.


Jason picked up his phone, when it rang.

‘’Morgan,’’ he said, without looking at the caller ID.

‘’Jason, it’s Elizabeth. I need your help,’’ Elizabeth said.

‘’With what?’’Jason asked. He didn’t like her calling him, but he would help her with whatever she needed.

‘’Jake is in trouble, I saw some strange man lurking around, he was watching Jake.’’

‘’Ok, I’m on my way,’’ Jason said, and he hung up. ‘’I need to go, Sonny, Jake’s in trouble.’’ Sonny nodded and Jason left.


‘’I couldn’t find anything or anyone, are you sure someone was here?’’

‘’Yes! I am. Oh Jason, I am so scared,’’ Elizabeth said, and she threw herself into his arms. He was surprised, and he was shocked when she kissed him. At first he didn’t do anything, but then he pushed her away.

‘’What are you doing?’’ he asked, and she wiped away a tear.

‘’I’m sorry,’’ she said softly, and he nodded.

After he left, Elizabeth laughed. She was happy, because she had set her plan in motion. She was going to get Jason back, for good.

Chapter 5

January 2010

Sam was just on her way out the door, when there was a knock on it. she opened it, and she had to remind herself to close her mouth.

‘’Dave,’’ she said, and she took a step back.

‘’Samantha..’’ he said, and he walked past her in her apartment. She closed the door – Jason had to wait.

‘’Dave, what – what are you doing here?’’ she asked, and he shrugged.

‘’You know, I never thought you would run away,’’ he said suddenly. She looked at him in surprise, and wanted to say something, but he spoke first.

‘’When I found you, in that alley – after your miscarriage, I thought we had something,’’ he said, and he took a step closer to her.

‘’Dave, we did – but you said-‘’

‘’I said I wanted children, and you didn’t want to give me one.’’

‘’No, that’s not true, I told you, I can’t have kids. I can’t go through a miscarriage like that again, and you know that,’’ she said, and she tried to keep in the tears. When she had left Port Charles behind, she didn’t know she was pregnant. It was not until a month later, and she tried everything to make sure the baby lived, but she miscarried. Dave had found her in the alley behind her house – she wanted to go to Jason to tell him she was pregnant, even though he had threatened her, and she felt this pain – it caused her on her knees, and Dave found her, rolled up like a ball, and he brought her to the hospital. They told her the baby died, and she was devastated.

‘’You can have a baby, I know that. You were pregnant once before – before the miscarriage,’’ he said.

‘’How – how do you know?’’ she was shocked he knew about her baby girl Lila, she hadn’t told him.

‘’I – I did a background check,’’ he told her, a little ashamed.

‘’You did, huh?’’ she asked him, and he nodded. ‘’Well, then you also have to know I was shot, in the back,’’ she told him. He nodded again. ‘’That’s why I can’t have children. The bullet scarred my uterus.’’

‘’I’m sorry, I didn’t know that,’’ he said, and he wanted to hug her, but she stepped back.

‘’No, you know, Dave – you broke up with me. You didn’t want to see me anymore, and now you turn up on my doorstep?’’ she asked, she didn’t understand what he wanted.

‘’Samantha, come on – you know I love you, I just want you to come home,’’ he said.

‘’No, Dave – it’s over, you made that very clear the last time I saw you,’’ she said, and she wiped away a tear.


Jason was sitting at a table in Kelly’s, waiting for Sam to show up. She was already late, but he knew she wasn’t a person to be on time.

‘’Jason,’’ he heard someone call him, and he turned around to see Elizabeth.
‘’Elizabeth, what are you doing here?’’ he asked her, and she sat down opposite of him.

‘’I saw you sitting here, and I wanted to talk to you,’’ she said, and he nodded, but was surprised. ‘’I know you and Sam are back together, and I wanted to tell you I don’t mind.’’

‘’Ok, first of all – Sam and I are not back together. Second – I don’t need your approval if I was back together with Sam,’’ Jason said, frustrated. She always did that – she couldn’t mind her own business. Every time he was with some other woman, it didn’t matter what he was doing – she got mad.

‘’I know, but now your back with that – that whore-‘’

‘’Ok, stop right there. You – I don’t have to listen to you talking trash about Sam. She is my friend, and you are the one sleeping around, lying to Lucky and me about Jake. I’m sick of it – I’m sick of you,’’ he said, and walked away. he took a deep breath when he got outside of Kelly’s and decided to call Sam to meet some other time.

‘’Sam, it’s Jason,’’ he said, when she answered the phone.

‘’Jason, sorry I couldn’t make it, but this is not a good time,’’ she said, and she sounded tense.

‘’What’s wrong?’’

‘’Nothing, it’s just – not a good time, sorry,’’ she said, and she hung up. He didn’t understand, so he decided to go over to her apartment to check things out.


Elizabeth watched as Jason called someone – she knew it was Sam. She was going to break them up, no matter what.
She would just have to send those pictures when they were getting closer.


‘’Sam, I know I hurt you-‘’

‘’Yeah, you hurt me, and I am trying to move on, but you can’t come here whenever you feel like it, Dave,’’ Sam interrupted him.

‘’I know, I’m sorry – but I love you, I want to be with you,’’ he said, and he took a step closer, while wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her against him. She tried to get away, but he wouldn’t let her. ‘’I just want us to try again.’’

‘’Dave, let go, please, I don’t-‘’

‘’Come on Sam, let’s just try again, come home with me,’’ he said and she shook her head.

‘’No Dave, I want to stay here, in Port Charles,’’ he let go of her, and turned around.

‘’Ok. Then I will stay here too, I don’t want to lose you,’’ he said.
‘’And who was that on the phone?’’ he asked her, and she was surprised. Jason had called her 10 minutes ago, and he asked who was on the phone now?

‘’That – that was a friend,’’ she replied.

‘’A boy-friend?’’ he asked, and he couldn’t suppress his jealousy.

‘’Dave, he is just a friend!’’

‘’Yeah, I know your kind of male friends,’’ he said, angrily.

‘’No, Dave, it’s not – I never cheated on anyone, and you and I are broken up, so I didn’t cheat now either,’’ she defended herself.

‘’Oh – So you slept with this guy?’’


‘’Tell me!’’ he said, and he grabbed her arms and shook her.

‘’Come on Dave. I – he is my ex!’’ she felt the tears stream down her face, but he didn’t see it. he let go of her and walked to the door.

‘’I will get you back, no matter what,’’ he said, and he opened the door.

‘’Who are you?’’ Jason asked, and Sam looked at him in surprise – So did Dave.

‘’Sam, who is this guy?’’

‘’I’m her boyfriend,’’ Dave replied before Sam could. Then he left, leaving Sam to explain to Jason.

Chapter 6

‘’Jason –‘’

‘’I.. I don’t understand, Sam. You – you have a boyfriend, and you didn’t tell me?’’ he said, his heart broken. He felt like Sam had ripped his heart out and jumped on it, only to put It back in his chest. He looked at her, and saw she was in pain too.

‘’Jason – Dave and I had broken up – after a big fight – and I left and came back to Port Charles,’’ Sam said.

‘’Why didn’t you tell me about him?’’

‘’Why would I? I wasn’t with him anymore,’’ she said, wiping away the tears. She knew she had broken Jason’s heart – she could see it in his face – but she was not with Dave anymore. The more she thought about it, the more she came to see she didn’t love Dave.
She thought she did – she had wanted it, but she didn’t. She had said it so much – to herself and to Dave, that she had started to believe it. ‘’Come on Jason.. I was not in a relationship when – when we slept together, you know I wouldn’t do that.’’

‘’I know, but why does he say – why does Dave say you were?’’

‘’Because – he wants me back, he wants us to try again,’’ she replied, and Jason nodded.

‘’What happened between you two?’’ he asked. He wanted to know what had happened to make Sam decide to come back to Port Charles.

‘’He wanted to have a baby,’’ she whispered, and she turned her back to Jason, so he couldn’t see the hurt on her face when she thought about it. ‘’He knew I had a baby before – Lila, he did a background check on me. He pushed me, and pushed me until I told him I couldn’t.’’ She sat down on the couch, with her head in her hands, and she felt Jason sit down next to her.

‘’What happened, he said something about an alley,’’ he said, and Sam looked at him surprised.

‘’You heard it? you heard everything?’’ she asked him softly.

‘’Not everything, but I heard he found you in an alley,’’ he replied, and he looked at her. She looked almost guilty, and he wanted to know why. ‘’What happened?’’

‘’Jason – I didn’t want you – I had a miscarriage, about a month after I left town here,’’ she told him, and she saw him closing down. ‘’Jason don’t do this.’’


‘’Closing down – please! I was on my way to tell you, when I collapsed, and Dave found me,’’ she told him, and he nodded.

‘’Ok, I know now.’’ She closed her eyes, he was angry, but he didn’t want her to see it. he rose from the couch and paced around the room, and she followed him with her eyes. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t look at her.

‘’Jason – I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you about it,’’ she said, and now he looked at her.

‘’No – I understand. You didn’t want to tell me you had a miscarriage, I really understand. It must’ve hurt a lot, and – yeah, I understand,’’ he said, and he sat down again. She nodded, and sighed. ‘’Ok, you know what, I don’t have a reason to be angry or upset, and I’m sorry for that. you – you moved on with your life, with Dave, and it was over when you got here.’’

‘’Yes – it was over. It’s still over, Jason,’’ she replied, and he nodded. ‘’Can’t we just – just forget this ever happened? I will deal with Dave, I will tell him it’s over – because it is, and we can just be friends.’’

‘’Ok. You – I know this is changing the subject, but do you still want to grab a coffee at Kelly’s?’’

‘’Sure, I’d love to,’’ Sam said with a smile. She as glad he didn’t walk away from her, just as they were getting closer. He handed her her coat, and he took it over. Their hands touched, but they tried to ignore it – the shock they both got. Sam closed the door behind them and they walked over to Kelly’s. it was a beautiful day, and they both enjoyed it.


‘’You know – I’ve been meaning to ask you,’’ Sam said when they sat down with their coffee. ‘’Where’s Spinelli?’’

‘’He – he moved out a couple of weeks after you moved away,’’ Jason replied.

‘’Oh, why?’’ she asked, surprised. Spinelli had loved it with Jason, and she knew Jason like having someone around.

‘’He um – he fell in love with Maxie, and she rejected him. He moved away for a while, but came back – and then he went back to his grandmother,’’ he told her, and she nodded.

‘’I feel sorry for him. He’s a really good kid,’’ she said softly. ‘’Can I – can I ask you something?’’

‘’Sure, you can ask me anything, you know that,’’ Jason replied.

‘’What – how did you find out Jake wasn’t yours?’’ she saw he didn’t expect that, and she waited for an answer.

‘’You know um – Elizabeth had told me Jake was in an accident. He lost a lot of blood, and he needed a transfer, so I went down to the hospital to give blood – and the doctors said it wasn’t a match. I was shocked, and asked Elizabeth what that was about, and she told me. She told me Jake was not mine – he was Lucky’s, and she had asked him to give blood, and he figured it out right away,’’ he told her, and she nodded, felt tears in her eyes. She could almost feel the pain Jason must’ve been feeling then. ‘’I was so angry, I didn’t know what to do. I was – my heart was broken. She had lied to me about me having a son – and she didn’t even flinch when I asked her why. She just looked at me, smiling, but didn’t answer me.’’

‘’What happened next?’’

‘’I walked away. I couldn’t stand being in the same room as her anymore,’’ he replied. ‘’But now, every once in a while she calls me saying she needs to see me, or that Jake is in trouble, and every time I run over there, to help her – and I don’t know why.’’

‘’I know – you loved that little boy, and even if you couldn’t see him, he was your son. Now she took that away from you, but you still feel like he is your son, and you want to protect him,’’ she told him, and he nodded.

‘’Yeah, you’re right, I still feel like he is my son. But I have to let go, Sam,’’ he said, and she nodded, then shook her head.

‘’I know – you know, it’s hard and I understand. You will find a way to deal with it, I know that,’’ she said, and smiled at him when he nodded.

‘’Thanks. You always knew how to make me feel better, even after all this time,’’ he said, and he smiled at her.


‘’Get out of my way, you idiot,’’ Elizabeth said to the man in front of her. She had walked into him, but he was in her way.

‘’Whoa, calm down lady, you walked in to me, not the other way around,’’ the man said. ‘’Who are you anyway, spying on Sam?’’

‘’What is it to you?’’

‘’Sam is my girlfriend, that’s it to me!’’ he said angrily.

‘’Really? Then maybe you could help me,’’ Elizabeth replied, and a plan formed in her head. She could use this man!

‘’With what?’’

‘’Getting Jason out of her life, so he can be with me,’’ she replied, and smiled at the man. She saw he liked it, and she began telling him her plan.

Chapter 7

Sam was just about to walk out the door to go to work when she got a call.

‘’Hey, Maxie,’’ she said when she saw it was Maxie calling.

‘’Sam, I saw you and Jason together the other day,’’ Maxie said.

‘’Oh come on, Maxie, what is the deal with that?’’

‘’Nothing, I just – I wanted to know if you had seen Spinelli?’’

‘’No, I haven’t, why?’’

‘’I need to speak with him – but it’s ok, never mind,’’ she said, and
she just hung up. Sam watched her phone, feeling a little akward.

She frowned, then shrugged and put away her phone. She grabbed her coat and went to work.


Jason was thinking on going over to see Sam, he thought something was wrong, but he didn’t know what, and he couldn’t figure it out. He had seen Dave and Elizabeth together, and he wanted to tell Sam about it, but Carly barged in before he could leave.

‘’Jason, there is something I need to tell you,’’ she said, and he just frowned.

‘’What now, Carly?’’

‘’Sam is working at the Metro Court again, and I have been spending some time with her, but she is really nervous. I mean – all of the time. Her boyfriend Dave – ex boyfriend, has a room there. I want to know what is going on,’’ she demanded.

‘’that’s – first – it’s not my place to tell you, and second – that’s none of your business.’’

‘’And third – you don’t know!’’ Carly said, and she laughed. ‘’She didn’t tell you about it?’’

‘’No, but that doesn’t matter. I will hear it from her eventually,’’ he said, but not so sure of himself anymore. She looked at him.

‘’Jason – why don’t you tell her?’’

‘’Tell her what?’’

‘’Tell her you love her,’’ Carly said, rolling her eyes.

‘’What – come on Carly,’’ he said, and he began pacing. ‘’That’s ridiculous.’’

‘’Yeah – I’m sorry,’’ she said, and she began laughing again.

‘’What, stop that!’’ he said.

‘’Ok, I will – I should go anyway,’’ she said, and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

She left him alone with his thoughts, and he thought about what she had said. Why didn’t he just tell her he loved her?


Sam was almost done with her shift at work when she saw Dave walking in. she had known she would see him there, but she didn’t think it would be this soon. And she never expected to see him with Elizabeth. She watched as they were talking, and at some point he looked at her, and they both stopped talking. They didn’t even say goodbye, they just each walked the other way. Dave came to her.

‘’Hey, Sam, you have some time?’’ he asked her, and he looked almost begging.

‘’Yeah, sure, I’m done here,’’ she said, after a while.

‘’Ok, I’ll wait here,’’ he said, and she nodded and went back to get her coat and purse.

‘’Ok, let’s go,’’ she said, when she returned. They walked to Kelly’s, and the diner was empty. Only Mike was there, who gave them a drink and went out back. She looked at Dave, who seemed to be preparing for his speech.


‘’Jason, I’m in trouble,’’ Elizabeth said on the phone. Jason sighed, getting really tired of Elizabeth.

‘’I’m on my way,’’ he said. ‘’Where are you?’’

‘’Just around the corner at Kelly’s,’’ she said. They hung up, and Jason went to Kelly’s. when he arrived, he didn’t see Elizabeth, so he went back looking for her. He saw a light at Kelly’s, and he looked inside.

He couldn’t turn his head away – at first he only saw Sam, but then Dave appeared, and Sam rose from the chair. He saw Dave move closer to Sam, and she backed out a step, but stopped when Dave grabbed her wrists. Dave said something, but he couldn’t hear it, and Sam nodded. Then Dave pulled her to him, and kissed her.

It broke Jason’s heart. He knew they weren’t a couple, but he had thought Sam loved him. He turned away and walked through the park, and went to his place to think. He hated himself – the pain in his chest was almost unbearable, but he kept seeing Sam and Dave kiss. He threw the branch he had picked u away and screamed.


‘’Jason,’’ he heard Sam say softly behind him. He turned around and he saw she had been crying.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ he asked, and he again saw the kiss in his head.

‘’It’s – Dave,’’ she said, and he reached out to her. She stepped in his arms and he could hear her sobs.

‘’You kissed him,’’ he said, and he felt her stiffen.

‘’What? No – that’s not what happened Jason,’’ she replied, and he stepped back enough to look at her.

‘’I saw it, Sam,’’ he said simply, and she shook her head.

‘’We were talking and he – suddenly he kissed me. I know – you walked away before you saw me pushing him away,’’ she told him, and he felt ashamed.

‘’I’m sorry, Sam,’’ he said softly and she nodded. ‘’I thought I saw you kissing him.’’

‘’I know, I’m sorry too,’’ she replied. She looked around. ‘’I think I should go home.’’

‘’Yeah, let me bring you,’’ he said, and she nodded.

He would bring her home safely, and he grabbed her hand and they walked to his car. He drove her to the apartment building, and they both got out of the car. He walked her to her door, and there was a silence for a while.

‘’Do you- do you want to come in for a while?’’

Chapter 8

‘’Do you want to come in for a while?’’ she asked him, and he nodded. She opened the door and took her coat of, and he did the same, and they both threw it on the chair in front of the desk.

‘’Do you – you want something to drink? A beer?’’ she asked, and he nodded again, and she walked to the kitchen.

When she came back he was still standing where he had been when she left, and she gestured for him to sit down.

‘’You know – I know I haven’t told you this, but I searched for you when I found out about Jake,’’ Jason suddenly said, and she looked surprised.

‘’And – did you find me?’’ she asked, and he nodded.

‘’Yes, I did, and I saw you a couple of times, but I couldn’t-‘’ he stopped talking, he didn’t know what to say.

‘’You couldn’t talk to me? I mean – I understand, I felt the same way – and I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had seen you,’’ she told him. She was honest, she really didn’t know what she would’ve done.

‘’I know, that’s part of the reason. I couldn’t talk to you because of the way I treated you,’’ he replied, and she looked surprised. ‘’I am so sorry for that.’’ He caressed her cheek, and she pressed it against his head.

‘’It’s ok, Jason. I am sorry too, you know,’’ she said. ‘’I shouldn’t have done what I did.’’ He wiped away a tear that rolled down her cheek, and she closed her eyes. She was still so much in love with him, and she loved it when he touched her.

‘’It’s ok. I forgave you for that,’’ he whispered, and she opened her eyes again and held his gaze. She wanted to say that she loved him, but she couldn’t now. She moved closer to him, and he looked at her lips. She didn’t know what she was doing, but she wanted to kiss him again.

When their lips touched, it was like the whole world disappeared. There was only the two of them, and it was like nothing changed. He pulled her closer to him, and she moaned when he did. He rose from the couch, helping her up in the process and pulled her against him – closer than she could ever imagine. She could feel his erection pressing against her and she moved a little bit. He moaned, and she catched the moan in her mouth.

‘’I want you,’’ he whispered.

‘’You got me, Jason,’’ she replied, and he lifted her. she laughed, and he carried her to her bedroom, where he laid her down gently.
It was not long before they were both naked, and he kissed and touched her everywhere.


Elizabeth was looking though the window of the bedroom, and she cursed. Why did this happen? She had thought Jason hadn’t forgiven Sam – but maybe he didn’t and he only wanted sex.

That would be it, she thought, and she laughed. She was going to make it hard for Sam, she thought, and she searched in her purse for her phone. When she found it she began making pictures. This was going to be good.

She was going to give the pictures to Dave – he knew what to do with it. He would want to kill Jason, but she would make sure he didn’t. what he did to Sam – well, she couldn’t care less.

‘’Hey, what are you doing there?’’ Dave said, and she quickly turned around and saw him standing there.

‘’Just watching,’’ she said, and smiled at him. ‘’Come on, let’s go to Kelly’s. I have to tell you something.’’

Dave looked at her like she was crazy, but he just shrugged and walked with her to Kelly’s.


Sam woke up in the middle of the night, not sure what just happened. She thought she heard something, but if she did, Jason wouldn’t be asleep anymore. She smiled when Jason came to her mind. She was already used to him being here again, and she moved a little closer to him. He made a sound but didn’t wake up, and she tried to sleep again.

After 30 minutes of lying in bed awake she made the decision to get out and get something to drink. She moved carefully – she didn’t want to wake up Jason. He slowly walked to the kitchen to make some tea – if she made coffee she was sure she couldn’t get back to sleep. But when she came to the kitchen she changed her mind an went to the fridge to get a bottle of water. She was just about the grab the bottle when Jason came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. he kissed her neck, and she smiled, and turned around in his arms.

‘’Why are you here?’’ he asked. ‘’Instead of sleeping with me in your big bed?’’

‘’I couldn’t sleep anymore, so I decided to get something to drink. Sorry – didn’t mean to wake you,’’ she replied, and she felt him smile against her neck. She grabbed two bottles of water, gave one to Jason when she turned around in his arms.

‘’Come on, let’s sit,’’ she said, and he nodded and walked over to the couch in the living room, with her following him. They locked gazes when they sat down.

‘’Jason, we need to talk,’’ she said, and he nodded. ‘’About us.’’

‘’I know, and I just want to say if you don’t want to I can understand,’’ he said, and she looked surprised. ‘’Try – I mean.’’

‘’Oh – Jason I want nothing more! I want to try, I was just wondering if you would want to,’’ she replied, and he nodded.

‘’Yes. You bet I want that. So were – were going to try?’’ he asked, and she nodded, her smile grew bigger.

‘’Yes, absolutely,’’ she said, and he smiled back. He leaned towards her to kiss her, and she did the same.

‘’Come on, let’s get back to bed,’’ Jason said, and Sam nodded. They walked back to the bedroom together, and Jason kissed Sam on the top of her head.

Sam fell asleep pretty quickly, but Jason was still very much awake.

‘’I love you Sam,’’ he said softly, but Sam didn’t hear it. She did move a little bit closer, and he smiled.


There was a knock on the door and Dave opened it. There was no one there, but there was an envelope – a yellow envelope. He picked it up and walked back inside, he kicked the door close.

‘’What’s this,’’ he asked himself, and he opened it. He took out several pictures, and he felt like he was going to throw up – it was Sam and Jason, the bastard. He was having sex with Sam, and someone made pictures.
He knew who it was – Elizabeth. She was going to pay, just as Sam and Jason were going to pay for hurting him like this.

‘’I’m going to kill the bastard,’’ he yelled in the empty room, and he felt a little better.

Now it was time for him to work out the plan, and he began brainstorming.

Chapter 9

First week of February 2010.

Sam and Jason had been trying – really trying to make things work, and so far everything was great. It had been three weeks since the night they talked, and they were now discussing Sam moving back in. they didn’t want to rush things, but Jason wanted it – and so did Sam.

‘’Jason, I have to go to work now,’’ Sam said, and Jason came out of the kitchen.

‘’Ok, you want me to pick you up after? We can order in some Chinese, have a night at home,’’ he said, and she looked surprised. Jason didn’t say that often, so she nodded.

‘’Yes, you know I’d like that. I’m off at five,’’ she replied, and he nodded.

‘’Ok, see you then,’’ he said, and he walked over and gave her a kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck, but soon she broke the kiss.

‘’I have to go, or I’m going to be late,’’ she said laughing, and he smiled, and handed her her coat. She thanked him and walked out the door, closing it softly behind her. Jason went back to the kitchen – he had been making breakfast for Sam and him, but now he had to eat alone. He knew Sam had to work, he didn’t know why he even make breakfast.

He had loved the last couple of weeks, he couldn’t get enough of Sam. She was still so very the same – but she also had changed so much. She was calmer, she knew what she wanted and she tried to get it. He thought back on the last two years – he had been so angry, and not only with Sam, but later with Elizabeth. He had forgiven Sam for what she had done with Jake, and he hoped – prayed Sam had forgiven him for threatening her.
There was a knock on the door, and he heard Carly say: ‘’Jason, are you there?’’ and he walked over to the door to open it. Carly looked like she had been running a mile, and he stepped aside to let her in.

‘’What’s up, Carly?’’ he asked, and she sighed.

‘’You – you are an idiot, you know that?’’ she said. ‘’And to think you worked for Sonny to protect us.’’

‘’What happened?’’ Jason asked, now alert. He had a feeling something was going on.

‘’Nothing – just that I saw Elizabeth and that Dave guy together. When I came up and asked them if they wanted something, they immediately stopped talking and he walked away,’’ she replied, and Jason felt something in his gut. They were up to something, he just knew it.

‘’Ok, I will look in to it – why do you say I’m the idiot?’’ he said.

‘’Because – you knew that Dave guy was in town and you didn’t check him out,’’ she replied, and he shook his head in disbelieve.

‘’Why should I do that, the guy means no harm,’’ he said, and she rolled her eyes and sighed.

‘’Everyone working with that slut – Sorry, with Elizabeth is up to something, and you know it!’’ Carly replied, and he was surprised. Carly had never – never ever before said something like that, because she didn’t want to have a fight with him about Elizabeth. Now everyone knew Jake was not his son, and now Sam was back, Carly began talking like that. He didn’t say anything about it, he was actually a little amused.

‘’I know Elizabeth is up to something, I will keep an eye on them, but I can’t do anything more,’’ he said, and she nodded.


Sam was sitting at the table – taking a break, and Dave walked in.

‘’Hey, they said I could find you here,’’ he said, and he sounded different. She just could put her finger on it.

‘’Hey,’’ she said surprised he was here. ‘’They let you back here?’’

‘’Yes, they know I’m your boyfriend – or at least was,’’ he replied, and he looked at her. ‘’You look tired.’’

‘’Yes I am. I haven’t slept well the last couple of days,’’ she said, and he laughed.

‘’Jason?’’ he asked, and she frowned and shook her head.

‘’No, some other things on my mind,’’ she said, not telling him it was him, who was on her mind. She had been thinking of a reason why he would be here, after she told him she wasn’t in love with him. But he didn’t go, when she had told him that, he just stuck around. The last time she saw him was a week ago, and he didn’t say anything to her, he had just looked at her in disgust, and she couldn’t figure out what it was.

‘’Ok, well, I think I should leave you to your break, I guess,’’ he said softly, and she nodded.

‘’Thanks, I would like some time alone if you don’t mind,’’ she said, and he nodded and walked away.


He thought it would be easy, but he couldn’t get it out of his mind. He had been thinking about those pictures nonstop, and he hated it. He had a plan, but he needed the help of Elizabeth to make it happen – to make it work. So he decided to call her.

‘’Elizabeth,’’ she picked up the phone with, and he smiled to himself. She would help him.

‘’Hey, I need your help with something, can I come over?’’ he asked and he heard her sigh.

‘’What is it?’’ she asked him after a moment, and he began explaining.

‘’That sounds like a good plan – it could lead Jason to me,’’ she said, and told him to come over.


Sam came home late that night, she had been working overtime today because it was busy at the hotel.

‘’Jason,’’ she called out, and she heard him yell from upstairs. She took of her coat and hung it in the closet next to the door, and she walked upstairs. She was exhausted, and she yawned as she walked in the room.

‘’Hey, how are you doing?’’ he asked her, and he walked over to give her a kiss. She moaned, and wrapped her arms around his neck, but he broke the kiss too soon.

‘’I’m ok, what about you?’’ she asked him, and she yawned again. He looked at her for several moments before he began talking.

‘’I’m fine – listen, Carly came over, and she told me about Dave and Elizabeth,’’ he said, and she looked surprised. ‘’She told me she had seen them together, and she thought they were up to something.’’

‘’I’ve seen them together too, but I didn’t think much of it then. You think their up to something Jason?’’ he shrugged, and then nodded.

‘’I’m not sure, but I will keep an eye on them for a while,’’ he said and she nodded and hugged him.

‘’I know it will be alright. We are back together and nothing can get us apart,’’ she said certain of herself. ‘’I – I love you Jason.’’ She said it softly, but he had heard it and loved to hear it.

‘’I love you too Sam, and I will make sure nothing happens to you,’’ he replied, and he kissed her.

He would make sure nothing happened to her, she knew that.

Chapter 10

Sam sat in a chair she had pulled up to the window, looking outside watching it rain. She heard a key being turned around and she looked at the door just as Jason walked in. he walked over to her and kissed her on her forehead.

‘’Hey,’’ he said, and she smiled up at him.

‘’Hey, you,’’ she replied, and he smiled back at her, pulling her off the chair and taking her to the couch, where he sat down and she sat down next to him.

‘’I’ve been looking around for clues about Dave and Elizabeth, and unfortunately I didn’t find anything,’’ he said, and she was surprised he even told her. He never talked about his job, and now he did just that. ‘’Ow – don’t look that surprised. You are involved with this as much as I am, Sam.’’

‘’Yeah, I know but even with Manny you didn’t tell me what you’ve been doing when you got home,’’ she replied, and he smiled at her.

‘’I know, but I do now, so be happy and thank me,’’ he joked, and she laughed. She was so happy they were back together, and she kissed him. It wasn’t just a normal kiss, it was a passionate one, a loving kiss. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer, and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

‘’Jason,’’ she moaned, after breaking the kiss and he smiled. ‘’I can’t do this right now.’’

‘’What – why not?’’ he asked her, and he looked at her in surprise.

‘’I don’t want to look like a mess when I meet with Dave,’’ she said, and now he began looking angry. ‘’Oh come on Jason, you knew this would happen. I want him to move out of town and leave me the hell alone, and I am going to talk to him.’’ She saw he knew there was no arguing about this, so he gave up. She was really determined to talk to Dave, and he knew she would tell him everything that happened – call her when something was wrong.

‘’Ok,’’ he said, ‘’but you know to call me when something happens ok?’’

‘’Yes, Jason. I will call you when something is wrong. Now – let me go,’’ she finished laughing when he didn’t let her go.

‘’Just – one last kiss and I will let you go,’’ he said, and he kissed her again, softly – gently. Then, when he had let go of her she looked up at him with a distant look on her face, and he began worrying. ‘’Sam?’’

‘’Hmm? Oh – sorry, this is what that kind of kiss does to me,’’ she said jokingly, and he knew right away she was teasing him. He laughed, and she rose from the couch and got her purse and coat, and walked away, leaving Jason alone to worry about her.


When Sam arrived at the Metro Court she was surprised to see Carly walk up at her, and she stopped in her tracks when Carly stopped in front of her.

‘’Carly,’’ she said softly, and she gave her a shaky smile. Carly frowned.

‘’Dave is here to see you. Are you sure you want to do this Sam?’’

‘’Yes, I have to Carly,’’ she said, surprised at the concern of the woman. They weren’t exactly friends, and she knew they would never be friends.

‘’Ok, I will make sure nothing happens, ok?’’ Carly replied, and Sam nodded. She walked through the lobby and saw Dave standing there, she felt a chill on her back. She didn’t trust him anymore now he was working together with Elizabeth.

‘’Sam,’’ he said happily, and he came to hug her. She let him, but didn’t return it. He noticed, and he backed away, confusion written on his face.

‘’Dave,’’ she said with a fake smile, and he was satisfied again. She just waited until he began to speak, and it took him a while.

‘’Listen, I know you know I’ve been hanging out with Elizabeth,’’ he said and she just nodded, and he continued when she didn’t say anything. ‘’But it’s not what it looks like. I met her outside of Kelly’s, and we just began to talk about all kinds of stuff. She is a friend.’’

‘’Ok, well I don’t care, as long as you don’t do anything stupid. You can’t trust her,’’ she simply said, and he nodded. He got a weird look on his face, and she stared at him in confusion.

‘’Well – I know you want to get back to Jason,’’ he said, and she was surprised to hear the anger in his voice.

‘’What’s wrong? I mean, Jason is my friend, you know that,’’ she said, trying to get him to talk about it.

‘’Yeah, sure,’’ he mumbled under his breath, and she fought the confusion. Why was he acting like this?

‘’Oh, come on, what is wrong, Dave – you know you can tell me.’’

‘’I don’t feel like I can tell you just now. I will in some time.’’ She nodded, and he walked away, leaving her behind – confused. Carly walked up to her, and sat down next to her.

‘’So, everything ok?’’

‘’I don’t know. He acted kind of strange, but I can’t put my finger on it,’’ Sam replied, and Carly nodded.

‘’Well – just be careful. I know Jason loves you and I don’t want to see him unhappy anymore. I’ve seen that enough,’’ she said, and Sam nodded.

‘’I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt him,’’ she said softly. ‘’We are trying to get back you know?’’

‘’Yes, I know – and even though you hurt him, he was unhappy with Elizabeth, and not only because of you,’’ Carly said, and she rose and walked away.

Sam went home, and when she got home she called for Jason, but there was no answer. She decided to take a bath, to relax her muscles, and she walked upstairs to fill the tub.

She felt renewed when she got out of the tub, and while she was drying her hair she heard a knock on the door. She ran down to open it, just to find a yellow envelope against the door. She picked it up, and she saw it was addressed to her.

When she opened it, she didn’t know what she saw.

Jason was kissing Elizabeth? When did this happen? She looked for a timestamp, but didn’t see one, and she threw the picture away. She was angry – but she didn’t know how to be angrier with. Herself, or Jason. She had seen this coming. He had lied to her again – about loving her, and she hated how her heart felt like it had been broken into thousand pieces.


Jason came home, and first he saw was darkness. He switched on the light, and he saw Sam, sitting in the dark. He frowned, just when she looked up at him.

‘’Sam – what is going on here? Why are you sitting in the dark?’’

‘’I don’t know. Jason – When did you plan on telling me?’’

‘’Tell you what?’’

‘’That your back with Elizabeth?’’

Chapter 11

‘’Are you back with Elizabeth? Come on Jason, it’s just a simple question,’’ Sam said, feeling the anger build up in her. she couldn’t believe he would try to deny it.

‘’No, I’m not back with Elizabeth. Where did you get that idea?’’ Jason asked, and she threw him the picture. It hit him in the face, and then fell down to the ground. But before it could, Jason grabbed it out of the air and looked at it.

‘’You just can’t deny it, Jason,’’ Sam said, and now the hurt came, and it was strong. They were just trying to get back to before, or even better, and to get past everything that’s happened, and he denies he is back with her. He is lying again, and she had tried so hard not to get hurt.

‘’No, this is something completely wrong. Listen to me Sam-‘’

‘’No, you listen to me. We can’t work if this isn’t what you want,’’ she said, and wiped away her tears, but every time she wiped one away, another one took its place. She stood from the couch, and began to walk towards the door. She couldn’t stay here.

‘’Sam – please just listen to me. This isn’t what it looks like. Oh come on!’’ he screamed, when she didn’t seem to listen.

‘’What,’’ she said, turning around, ‘’What? You’re going to yell at me?’’

‘’No, I – I want you to listen!’’

‘’Ok, now you tell me what this is? Isn’t it you and Elizabeth kissing?’’

‘’No! It’s Elizabeth kissing me – I was there for Jake and she lied to get me there, but before I knew it she was all over me. I don’t want her,’’ he said when he saw her determination crumbled. ‘’I want you – I love you!’’


‘’Sam, you know I love you, you know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you – not anymore. I want to be with you, and no one else. Just you!’’

‘’Jason – maybe this was too soon… it’s hard for me when I get that picture to believe you, even if I know somehow you are not lying.’’

‘’I know – how can I prove to you I’m not lying Sam?’’

‘’I don’t know Jason. I just don’t want to get hurt all the time because of Elizabeth.’’

‘’Sam – this is wrong,’’ he softly said when she put on her coat.

‘’I know, Jason but please. I need a little time to deal with all this. I am still too hurt over the last time you were with Elizabeth.’’

‘’Ok, but Sam – ‘’ when he saw she was listening, he continued. ‘’don’t give up on us, please.’’ She nodded, and then walked out the door.

He couldn’t believe this. This was a trick from Elizabeth to keep them apart, he knew that much. But who helped her? she couldn’t do this alone – Dave!
The man popped in his head, and he knew for sure this guy was helping Elizabeth to pull him and Sam apart.

He decided to go on a hunt. First he would confront Elizabeth, and next would be Dave.


Sam opened the door to her apartment – she was glad she didn’t sell it, because she had been living with Jason the past couple of weeks.

‘’So – where have you been?’’ she jumped at the sound of Dave’s voice, and took a deep breath.

‘’What are you doing here, Dave?’’

‘’I’m here to talk to you.’’

‘’Ok, you could have called first,’’ she said, and she wondered what was going on.

‘’Yes, I could have. But you were with your precious Jason. And I wanted to talk to you in person. So I came here and waited for you,’’ he said, and she heard something in his voice. It was just like in the Metro Court, when he sounded like he was jealous, but that wasn’t it. She tried to figure it out, but she didn’t know what to think anymore. He had been acting really strange lately, and she didn’t know how to make him see she was in love with Jason.

‘’Dave – come on, why are you acting so weird?’’

‘’You said you didn’t do anything with Jason. You were just friends?’’

‘’No, were not just friends, but what I have with Jason is none of your concern, Dave,’’ she told him, frustrated because he brought it up again.

‘’It’s not? I mean – we have been together for more then a year, and you say it’s none of my concern? ‘’

‘’Yes. Jason and me – we have been together for more than that, and I love him with all of my heart. You – I don’t love you, I thought I did, but it turned out I never got over Jason.’’

‘’Oh – so you’re saying I was the rebound guy?’’ he shook his head, and she could see the anger rise in him. ‘’You’re just a little slut isn’t it?’’

‘’Why are you saying things like that?’’ she said with widened eyes. She was trying to understand what was going on when he grabbed her wrists, and pulled her against him.

‘’This is what you like? You like to play with men, and then go back to your boyfriend. It’s just a little scam,’’ he yelled at her, and she flinched. She didn’t want him to know she was afraid of him, but he saw it. ‘’You didn’t want me to know, did you?’’

‘’Dave, it’s not like that,’’ she tried, but he didn’t listen. He began feeling her up, and she tried to get away but he was too strong. He pushed her against the wall behind her, and he began riding up against her. ‘’Stop it!’’ she yelled, but he didn’t listen. He kissed her – hard, she could feel his teeth in her lips, and she could taste her own blood.


Jason had been looking for Elizabeth and Dave, but he couldn’t find them anywhere. He decided to go over to Sam’s apartment to see if she was ok, and he stepped in his car. The drive over wasn’t long, but it seemed like hours for him. He didn’t like the way they left things, and he knew she had said she needed time, but he wanted to see her.

When he arrived at her building he looked up and saw her lights were on – so she was home. He didn’t bother taking the elevator, he just ran up the stairs.

He knocked on the door but stopped when he heard something breaking, and he kicked against the door – she was in trouble.

After kicking against the door twice it broke open, and he saw Sam lying on the floor – her clothes were torn. He screamed when he saw Dave was getting ready to jump on top of her, and he pulled Dave back and began hitting him. The rage took over – all he saw was red, and he began kicking and pushing everything he could find.

‘’Jason,’’ he heard Sam’s soft voice say, and he looked at her. Then he looked at Dave and saw he wasn’t moving. ‘’Jason, please.’’

‘’Are you alright? Did he-‘’ he could say it. He couldn’t ask her if Dave had done that to her, but she shook her head. She burst into tears and began talking at the same time.

‘’You were here before he got a chance. I’m so sorry Jason,’’ she said between sobs.

Chapter 12

Sam stood and said to Jason she had to call the cops and tell them what happened here.

‘’I’ll tell them I did this out of self defense,’’ she told him, and he shook his head. He didn’t like that and he told her so.

‘’But Jason – I can’t tell them you did this!’’ she said, and soon after they heard sirens. Jason sighed, seeing her point and he walked back to her. He had been checking Dave for a pulse, and it was there, so he was satisfied. He took Sam in his arms and swayed with her.

‘’It’s going to be ok right?’’

‘’Yes, baby, it’s going to be ok,’’ he said to her, and he kept on repeating it until the cops walked in the apartment.


After they checked on Dave and let the paramedics take him, they went over to Jason and Sam and asked what happened. Sam began explaining.

‘’Well I came home and he was here,’’ she said, her voice shaking. ‘’He started accusing me of some things, and then he grabbed me and wanted to kiss me but I didn’t let him. He began yelling at me and he threw me down on the floor and tore my clothes. That’s when I felt this rage come over me and I began hitting him and kicking him so he would stop,’’ she finished, and she watched as Lucky wrote everything down. She knew he wanted to know more but he also knew she was having a hard time keeping herself together so he didn’t and he turned to Jason and asked him if he could confirm it. Jason nodded.

‘’Yes, that’s what she told me before. Listen,’’ he said looking at Sam. ‘’I have to take her home or to the hospital, ok, just let us go, if you want to know more you can call tomorrow.’’ He held out his hand and Sam took it, and they walked out of her apartment.


He had gotten a call from Sonny and he told him what happened. He didn’t hear Sam come down but he saw her when she reached the bottom of the stairs.

‘’What’s up?’’ he asked her, seeing how she was almost bursting in to tears.

‘’Jason, I’m sorry… I ran a bath… but I cant get my coat – or shirt off,’’ she told him with a shaky voice, and he sighed. He was mad at himself for letting her go.

‘’Come here baby,’’ he said, and he helped her remove her coat. She moaned, and he stopped. ‘’Am I – am I hurting you?’’

‘’No, what hurt … was take it off myself,’’ she said, and he could hear the tears in her voice. They were not far away anymore now.

After he helped her get her coat and shirt off, he turned her around and looked at all the bruises. He cursed under his breath when he saw them, and she looked at him. Her face was wet from the tears, and he wanted to hold her but he didn’t want to hurt her.

‘’Jason please don’t blame yourself,’’ Sam whispered, and he looked at her. It was like she knew what was going on in his mind, and he smiled shakily at her.

‘’You know me too well, Sam,’’ he said, and she nodded.

‘’This isn’t your fault. I shouldn’t have run out of here like I did, and I am so sorry for that,’’ she told him, and fresh tears ran over her cheeks. He shook his head, and wrapped his arms around her carefully.

‘’It’s ok, baby.’’

‘’No it’s not. I know you – and I know you would never cheat on me,’’ she said and he nodded. ‘’But it was just – those pictures.’’

‘’Those were taken when I was there – Elizabeth had called me to tell me Jake was in trouble and I went over there and… nobody was there. She hugged me and before I knew it she started kissing me. I’m sorry you had to go through that, but we will find her and I will tell her what’s on my mind.’’

After he said that, he helped her upstairs and helped her get ready for her bath. She looked at him and grabbed his hand when he wanted to walk away.

‘’Jason,’’ she said to him, making him stop in his tracks and look at her. ‘’I love you.’’

‘’I love you too Sam,’’ he replied with a smile, and he let her take her bath.
She sank down in the tub and sighed. Her muscles started to relax, and she could feel every bruise on her body. It hurt, but she was strong and she could get though this. Jason and she still had to talk about how she had reacted to the pictures, but that could be done tomorrow.


Jason looked at Sam while she was sleeping. After she had taken a bath she had gone straight to bed, but he was still up. He thought back when he wanted to kill Dave. He wanted to kill him so bad – the red dots in his eyes returned and Sam stirred. It was like she could feel his rage, and she moved closer to him. He sighed, knowing he should try to get some sleep but for some reason he couldn’t.

He thought about Elizabeth disappearing, and he wondered where she could have gone. He should put someone on her, but not right now. Right now – he wanted to stay in bed with the woman he loved.

He looked at her as she was asleep, and she looked peaceful. He was glad she felt safe with him – her words when she had gone to bed. But he was still mad at himself for not being able to keep her from leaving angrily, and getting hurt because of it.

‘’Jason,’’ Sam said sleepily, and he looked down at her. ‘’Baby – come on, don’t blame yourself. I’m going to be ok, and you have to stop blaming yourself.’’

‘’I know but-‘’

‘’No, Jason stop this,’’ she said, and he could hear the fear in her voice. ‘’I don’t want you to leave me again because of something you don’t have control over.’’

‘’Sam, I am not going to leave you again, I want to hold you close,’’ he said, and he pulled her closer to him. She moaned a bit, but she crawled closer to him. ‘’I love you so much, Sam, and I’m glad I was there in time to-‘’

‘’Yes, you were in time. So why don’t you get this is not your fault,’’ Sam said, and he could hear the stubbornness in it.

‘’Ok, I will stop blaming myself if you stop doing that,’’ he said with a smile when he noticed her eyes were even darker because of the rage in them.

‘’Ok, deal,’’ she said, and she yawned. ‘’Now sleep.’’

And so he did. She had done it again – she knew just how to make him stop doing that to himself and he loved her for it. He lied down and pulled her against him even closer, and not soon after that he fell asleep.

Chapter 13

After checking on Sam – who was still sound asleep he went downstairs to check on Dave. He needed to make sure he couldn’t go after Sam again, and he had to find Elizabeth as well. He hated it when someone tried to come between Sam and him, and he would make sure those two would understand.

‘’Hey, Stan, I need you to check on Dave, you know the guy, and call me when you did.. Ok, thanks,’’ he said in the phone, and hung up. He walked to the kitchen, and prepared breakfast for Sam.

When he was done making breakfast, he poured some juice, and went upstairs to wake her. It was late already, and they had to get up now.

‘’Sam,’’ he whispered, not to scare her awake. He walked in the room with the tray in his hand, and he put it down on the nightstand. He sat down on the bed next to Sam and touched her shoulder. She was sleeping peacefully, but she had to wake up.

‘’Sam, baby, wake up,’’ he said softly, and her eyes fluttered open.

‘’Hey,’’ she said with sleepy voice and a smile. ‘’How are you doing?’’

‘’I’m good, I wanted to thank you for what you did for me,’’ he said, and she nodded.

‘’I’ll always be here to help you get throught things like that. You know that,’’ she replied, and he nodded.

‘’Ok, here, sit up,’’ he said, and she did, watching the tray in surprise as he lifted it to put it in her lap. ‘’Now eat.’’

‘’Jason,’’ she said, and she looked at him. ‘’You didn’t have to do this’’

‘’I wanted to. You been through enough yesterday, and I wanted to do something in return,’’ he replied, and she nodded. He watched her eat – and she ate a lot.


‘’Yeah, Stan,’’ Jason picked up his phone with. Sam was watching him from her side of the bed, and he got up from it. He listened to what Stan had to say and hung up.

‘’What was that about?’’ Sam asked, a little confused – why would Stan call Jason?

‘’I told him to go check on Dave. I don’t want him anywhere near you again,’’ Jason replied, and Sam nodded.

‘’How is Dave?’’ She asked, and he looked at her, frowning.

‘’He is doing ok, I guess. Listen, he is not going to touch you ever again ok?’’ he told her, and she nodded.

‘’I’m – that’s not why I ask. I don’t want him to die or anything,’’ she said, and he got a confused look on his face. ‘’Not because I worry about him, but because I don’t want you to have to go to prison!’’

‘’Ok, ok that’s not going to happen ok, don’t worry about that,’’ he replied, and she nodded again. ‘’Now, I want to take you to this restaurant. I found it a couple of weeks ago when I was riding my bike. If we leave early, we can be there just in time.’’

‘’Ok, I will do that,’’ she said with a smile. She didn’t remember him riding his bike – he didn’t do that much lately, but she loved that he had found a place. She gut out of bed, and she got in the shower.

After she got out of the shower, she dressed up – nothing special, but something she liked. She hoped Jason liked it too, and when she was ready they had to go already. She was out of bed late, and it was the beginning of the afternoon when she was ready to go.

‘’Ok, lets go, Sam,’’ Jason said, and they got ready to jump on his bike.


Once they arrived they stepped off of his bike and Sam laughed.

‘’Wow, you still know how to make me want to drive out of the country with you on this bike,’’ she said to him, and he smiled.

‘’We can do that some time,’’ he said and he hugged her. She looked over his shoulder and gasped. This place was amazing – it was just a little restaurant but it was really cute.

‘’Wow,’’ she said – and it was the only thing she could say.

‘’Yeah – I thought so too, that is why I wanted to bring you here,’’ he said.

‘’I knew you would like it.’’ They walked through the doors and she gasped again. It was really greatly decorated, small windows and romanticly lit. she looked around, and saw the little tables with their white tablecloths.

She loved it. They sat down where the waiter showed them, and they got the menu. The waiter asked for their drinks, they ordered and she looked around again.

‘’This is really nice, Jason. Thanks for bringing me here,’’ she said, and he smiled.

‘’It’s to take your mind off of everything that’s going on,’’ he explained, and she smiled at him.

‘’I love you,’’ she whispered, and he looked at her. She could see the love in his eyes.

‘’I love you too,’’ he said quietly.


‘’Wow, I’m never going to need to touch food again,’’ Sam joked, and he smiled at her. She had eaten a lot, not only this morning, but this night too.

‘’You can’t. Ha, once we get home you’re hungry again,’’ he joked back, and she gave him a playfull slap on his arm.

‘’You’re too bad,’’ she smiled while saying that, and he called for the waiter and asked for the check.

‘’Now, I want to show you another place,’’ he said, and she raised her eyebrows. ‘’You just wait and see.’’ She sighed contentful, and he smiled at her.

Once the waiter came back with the check he threw some money on the table and they left. They jumped back on his bike and he drove off – to the place he wanted to show her. Even he was stunned by it, so he could only imagine what it would do to Sam.

Once they arrived, he saw the look on her face and he smiled. He liked this look – it made him feel like he really did something good this time.

‘’Wow – Jason this place is even more stunning than that reataurant – if that is even possible,’’ she said while looking over the grass land. He had taken her to a deserted place, in the middle of nowhere, and she saw little lights in the distance.

‘’I’ve placed some things somewhere here,’’ he said looking around for the box he left here earlier. When he came here yesterday – with his car, he had dropped of a box with a blanket and some drinks, and she looked at him while he took it out of his hiding place.

He laid down the blanket and gestured for her to come sit with him, and she did. She leaned agains him in his arms, and she looked at him.

‘’I love it, thank you,’’ she said, and he nodded. She licked her lips, and he couldn’t help himself. He had to kiss her. So he did.

The kiss started out light and gentle, but soon all their passion drove them to deepen the kiss and let their tongues battle.

‘’Jason,’’ Sam whispered when he let go of her, but he only did that to lay her down on the blanket, on her back while he laid on top of her. ‘’Make love to me…’’ And he did.

Chapter 14

‘’Make love to me, Jason…’’

He looked at her and smiled when he saw the look of passion in her eyes. He could also see the love there, and he kissed her, turning her around so he was on top of her. He kissed her with every emotion he had, and she moaned and opened her mouth in response. He took the opportunity and slid his tongue in her mouth, battling with hers. His hands roamed her body, and he knew all the spots she liked to be touched. She moaned, and started rubbing his back.

‘’Jason, take your shirt off,’’ she demanded after breaking the kiss for a second, and he did as she told him – then he took of her shirt and kissed her neck.

‘’You taste so good,’’ he murmured, and she laughed softly. He could feel the vibrations in his whole body, and he smiled against her neck when she arched her back. He lowered his hands and kneaded her breasts, rolling her hardened nipples between his thumb and index finger.

‘’Jason…’’ she moaned, and he smiled and kissed her again, struggling with her jeans. Once he had gotten them off of her, she smiled at him as he took off his own jeans. He ripped her panties and took of his boxers as he slid down her body. When she realized what he was going to do, she became restless and when his lips touched her core she moaned hard.

‘’You like it, huh?’’ he asked, and she arched her back and moaned again in response. Soon she reached her climax, and he kept his mouth where it was for a couple of moments before sliding back up and thrusting into her in the same move. He growled and started moving slowly, and she wrapped her legs around his waist and met him thrust by thrust.

Jason knew he couldn’t keep this pace up, and he started moving faster, thrusting into her even deeper and harder, and he looked at her as he felt himself climb on to the top – only to jump off again later.

‘’Come with me,’’ he growled, and she nodded. He moved faster, and he felt her orgasm around him, and he reached his climax the same time she had. He collapsed on top of her, but turned so she was next to him, safely nestled in his arms.


Sam woke up and looked at Jason who was still sleeping. She smiled – he had surprised her with taking her here, to the place they loved the most, and helped her forget everything that had happened. He made her forget about Dave and Elizabeth, but now she remembered what was going on and the mood swung the other way. She felt bad for thinking about it on this special night, but she couldn’t help it.

‘’Sam, please, just give me a moment to wake up and we’ll go home,’’ Jason said when she got up and started to get dresses. She smiled when she saw her panties all torn up.

‘’It’s ok, Jason. We can stay here for a little while longer, I just want…’’ her voice faded, she didn’t want to voice what she was thinking because it would ruin the moment.

‘’I know you want them to pay, but you have to give me some time, ok?’’ he said, and she
nodded. He got up and started to get dressed, and took her hand, ‘’come on, we can continue this at home – or we can just start on paying Dave and Elizabeth,’’ he said when he saw the look on her face. Even though she loved making love with Jason, she wanted the two of them to pay for what they did.

‘’I find it funny – they made a plan and it didn’t even work – I mean not like they planned,’’ she said, and she chuckled thinking about it, ‘’I mean, why else would she send those pictures of the two of you – and why else would Dave be around here even though I told him to go home? He’s been hanging around Elizabeth and I just know they planned something,’’ she said, and he nodded.

‘’I know all that – I think they want us apart so Dave could have you,’’ he said, and she nodded.

‘’And Elizabeth could have you,’’ she added, ‘’because I know she still wants you even if she doesn’t show it,’’ she said wiggling her eyebrows. He smiled, and they stepped on the bike and he drove home. They didn’t talk, and when they got home they took a shower together.


Elizabeth looked at Dave, who was pacing around. He felt better than last night, but he was mad as hell that Jason had come in to stop him from sleeping with Sam.

‘’I want him dead,’’ he screamed, and Elizabeth jumped.

‘’Why? I mean, if you just get Sam and leave, it will all be just fine. Jason doesn’t have to die,’’ she said, hoping she could change his mind. She didn’t want him to kill Jason, because she wanted to start a life with Jason. It didn’t matter Jake wasn’t his, she wouldn’t tell him that part.

‘’The bastard interrupted me! The next time he won’t, I will tell you that much. The next time I see Sam we will have sex, and he won’t be there to interrupt us,’’ Dave said, and Elizabeth nodded.

‘’But you won’t kill him, right?’’ she asked him, just to be sure.

‘’I won’t kill your precious Jason, but I will teach him a lesson – you cant interrupt someone!’’


Jason looked at Sam who was sound asleep, and he smiled. She had been strong after what Dave had done, and she didn’t have nightmares, but he knew she would get them soon. She would have a reaction, one way or another. He climbed out of bed and made his way downstairs, to put some guards on Elizabeth and Dave.

When he made sure there were guards on the both of them, he called Stan to get him to check out if he could find a way to trace everything he needed from their phones, and he asked him to find a way to put a tracker on them.

When he was done with that, he walked upstairs and was surprised to see Sam wide-awake.

‘’Hey, what were you doing – I was looking for you, though I didn’t move from the bed,’’ she said, and laughed softly.

‘’I was down to see if Stan could help me with something,’’ he replied, not telling her everything yet. He wanted to know for sure before he would tell her all the details, ‘’I also put a guard on both Dave and Elizabeth, and they will begin shifts tomorrow morning,’’ he added, and he laid down after taking his clothes off.

‘’Ok, thanks for telling – I was really tired but I worried when you weren’t next to me,’’ she said, and he pulled her in his arms.

‘’I know, and now I’m here and I want you to sleep,’’ he said, and she nodded. She was too tired to fight him, and she fell asleep in seconds. Jason looked at her and smiled, knowing she would be safe in his arms he could fall asleep too.

Chapter 15

Jason woke up and got out of bed, careful not to wake Sam. Sam always slept in, and he smiled when he saw her shift, but she didn’t wake up. He walked down stairs in his sweats and made coffee, then he walked back to his desk and started making calls. He would make sure Dave and Elizabeth would pay, and he knew exactly what to do with Elizabeth.

She would pay by losing everything first – he would make sure Lucky got custody of the boys and then he would tell Lucky she had been sleeping with Dave. He knew she had been doing that – because she couldn’t live without sex, and Lucky had been out of town the past couple of weeks on a stakeout. He called Stan and made him place some evidence somewhere, so he could show Lucky when the time was right. Then he let Stan make sure he had the track on Dave and let Jason have the signal on his phone.

He took his phone out of his pocket, and looked at it to see Dave was in the area, and smiled. He would make him pay for what he did to Sam, and it wouldn’t be nice. He called the guards that were on Dave.

‘’Get him – put him in a safe house and tie him up or something – make sure he can’t get away,’’ he told them, ‘’I’ll be there when I’m done with the other one,’’ he added, and then he disconnected the line. The guards would do what he wanted, and he would make sure Floor Whore got what she deserved today. He walked up stairs to get ready when he heard the shower. He decided to let Sam take her shower and walked back downstairs, suddenly remembering the coffee he made.

He was sitting on the couch drinking his coffee when Sam came down stairs, all freshened up and ready to go out, and he frowned.

‘’Where are you going?’’ he asked her, and she looked at him in surprise. He realized she must’ve thought he had gone out, ‘’I was on my way to the shower when I heard you were in there and I knew that when I got in there I wouldn’t come out,’’ he said, and she smiled.

‘’I’m going to get some coffee and then I am meeting with Maxie,’’ she said, and he nodded. She walked to the kitchen and came back with a cup of coffee, and he decided to wait until she was gone.

‘’I send the guards on Dave to get him to a safe house. Elizabeth – I’m going to get her another way. I will let Lucky know she is sleeping with Dave and then she is going to lose everything,’’ he said, and she nodded.

‘’I want to help,’’ she said, ‘’with Dave, and also with Elizabeth. Maybe I can talk to Maxie and tell her to just blabber to everyone she knows,’’ she said, and he nodded.

‘’That might work,’’ he said, and then she got up. He did the same and pulled her in his arms, and then kissed her. She wrapped her arms around him and moaned, pressing her body against him when he opened her mouth and pushed his tongue in it. Then he broke the kiss.

‘’I will make sure we have tonight to ourselves,’’ she whispered in his ear, and he shivered at the intensity of her words. She turned around and walked out of the penthouse, and he made his way up to start his day off.


Sam made her way to Kelly’s where she was going to meet Maxie. She knew Maxie loved to gossip, and she knew Maxie was someone who could tell something like it was true – even if it wasn’t. That’s why she would ask her to start telling rumors and some true stuff about Elizabeth, and she couldn’t wait to see what would happen. She saw Maxie sitting at one of the booths. She walked towards her and sat down, without Maxie even notice it.

‘’Hey,’’ she said, and Maxie jumped and turned to look at Sam. When she saw Sam she smiled, and nodded, ‘’how are you doing?’’

‘’I’m ok, how about you? Did you hear about Elizabeth and Lucky – they had one hell of a fight when he returned and she had left the boys alone,’’ she started, and Sam shook her head.

‘’I didn’t hear, but that’s too bad for her – I feel sorry for Lucky and those boys though. Listen, I need your help with something,’’ Sam started to tell Maxie about what Elizabeth had done, and what she wanted Maxie to do.


Jason sat across from Sonny in his office, and he sighed. Sonny had called him to come over after Sam had left, and Jason knew what this was about. Sonny hadn’t said anything, because he was waiting for news on Dave from Jason.

‘’Dave will be taken care of, because I sent the guards to get him to a safe house,’’ Jason said, and when Sonny nodded he continued, ‘’I will go there tomorrow and will handle him,’’ he said, and he got up.

‘’What about Elizabeth,’’ Sonny said, and Jason looked at him.

‘’I have Sam tell Maxie some things – rumors and true – and I will send Lucky pictures and talk to him to ruin her,’’ he replied, and Sonny laughed and nodded.

‘’Great – well, go ahead,’’ he said, and he waved. Jason frowned when he left the office – Sonny had become more and more dismissive.

He stepped in his car and drove home, where he sent some pictures of Dave and Elizabeth together to Lucky – he knew Lucky had come back home, and he knew that when Elizabeth found out, she would try and talk him into coming back to her. He hated doing this to Lucky, but he wanted Elizabeth to pay – and this would also be good for Lucky, because he would know what kind of woman Floor Whore was.

Once he had sent the pictures he sat down on the couch and waited for Sam to return.


Sam waved at Maxie as she left Kelly’s. It had been good, because Maxie had been listening intently and was ready to start spreading the rumors. Sam walked towards her car, and suddenly she felt an arm wrapping around her waist and a hand on her mouth. She struggled, trying not to breath because the person had something in his hand, and she knew it would knock her out.

‘’Stop struggling, you bitch,’’ she heard someone say, and she frowned when the voice sounded familiar. He tightened his arm around her waist, causing her to gasp, and she knew she messed up when she started to see stars in her eyes.

Not much later she faded in the black, and she felt her body go limp. The person dragged her to a car and threw her in, climbed in next to her and the car drove away.

Chapter 16

Jason waited for Sam in his penthouse and was starting to get worried, when she didn’t come home when night fell. He called her, but it went straight to voicemail, and he wanted to go look for her, so he grabbed his jacket and walked out the door without even putting it on.


Sam moaned when she felt her head throb. It felt like a car drove over her head and she moaned again when she tried to get up. Then when she heard something move, she froze and opened her eyes to see a man in a ski mask.

‘’Who are you?’’ she asked the man, but he didn’t answer – he only chuckled and turned to leave, ‘’tell me who you are!’’ she demanded, but he didn’t and just left. She sighed, and she closed her eyes. Screaming at the man had only made her headache worse.

She opened her eyes again when she wanted to look around, and saw she was on a mattress. The room was small, and the only furniture besides the mattress was a little table. When she moved her hands she noticed she wasn’t tied to something, and she sat up, only to get dizzy and lie back down.

‘’Damn it,’’ she whispered, when she felt like her head was going to explode. She didn’t think that stuff she had smelled earlier had given her a headache like this. The door opened again and she looked up to see the man with the ski mask coming in again, and she got up, ‘’can’t you just tell me who you are?’’

‘’I can,’’ the man said, and she knew right away who it was.


Jason looked at Sonny who was pacing around with his phone to his ear.

‘’Damn it, you idiot – just make sure you send enough guards to look for Sam, you know who it is and you know what she looks like – no, just do it!’’ he yelled, and then he disconnected the line. Jason frowned – Sonny had been cold and distant to Sam until now.

‘’Sonny,’’ Jason said, and Sonny looked at him, ‘’we will find Sam, because you send all those guards – she is not in town anymore, and if she is, I couldn’t find her,’’ he said, and Sonny nodded.

‘’I know – and Sam is smart enough to try and find a way out,’’ he said, and Jason nodded. He wanted to go out and look for her, but he had to go home and take a shower first. He had been running around all night, and he hadn’t found anything. He nodded once at Sonny and walked away, drove home and when he arrived there he took a shower.

There was a knock on the door and he walked to open it, and when he opened the door there was no one there, but there was an envelope. He took it and opened it, and saw a piece of paper.

After Sam left to go to Port Charles, I stayed behind because she asked me too, and I loved her enough to do that. I hated what you did to her, but I agreed to let her go back because she wanted to close every thing here.

When she didn’t come back I didn’t know what happened and came here, to find her close to you yet again. I hated you even more, and then I met Elizabeth. We were going to get the both of you, but now Elizabeth is ruined and she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore.

I don’t really care, I never really did care about anyone else but Sam, and you ruined everything for us. I hope you suffer enough when I take her back to where we came from, and start a family with her. We will have our kids, because I found out Elizabeth did some…


Jason stared at the words of the last part and frowned. Elizabeth had done something? What did Elizabeth do – did she tamper with the tests? But that was strange, because when Sam had miscarried the doctors had told her it wasn’t for her to get kids ever because of the scarring. He cursed and made his way back to Sonny with the letter.


Sam watched as Dave walked around, cursing and telling her about what had happened after she left for Port Charles.

‘’After you left and you didn’t come back I didn’t know what was going on so I came here,’’ he said, and she nodded and wanted to reply but he held up his hand and she closed her mouth, ‘’I found you, tried to win you back but you wouldn’t listen to me so I tried a different way,’’ he said, ‘’I sent those pictures and I worked with Elizabeth to push you and Jason apart, but nothing worked,’’ he cursed, ‘’then I had one of these conversations with Elizabeth and she told me something that could change you and Jason forever,’’ he said with a smile. Sam didn’t know what to think until he said, ‘’you can still have kids. That last miscarriage was really just about the stress of telling your precious Jason,’’ he told her, and she widened her eyes.

‘’No – the doctors said the scarring was…’’ she stopped talking when he held up his hand, and he paced around and finally stopped in front of her.

‘’They lied, because Elizabeth had tempered with the tests that year and when you came to those doctors she already knew you were pregnant. She told them to lie because you didn’t want kids and told everyone you couldn’t get pregnant – and the doctors didn’t want you to know that,’’ he said, and Sam shook her head, getting a little lightheaded thinking about all the lies. Even after she left Port Charles, Elizabeth had tried to push her farther away.

‘’She tried to push me away even after I left. What was – is – wrong with her – and you?’’ she asked softly, and Dave shrugged.

‘’I found you after that miscarriage, and I wanted you from the moment I saw you,’’ he said, and she frowned, ‘’I thought you were the most beautiful thing I owned,’’ he added with a smile, and she shuddered. He had seen her as a possession, ‘’but then you told me about Morgan, and I knew I had to do anything in my power to make you mine – I wanted you to have a baby so you couldn’t leave me,’’ he said, and she nodded.

‘’You wanted me to get your baby so I couldn’t leave you – but what you had forgotten was that I couldn’t have kids,’’ she said, and he laughed and shook his head.

‘’I knew all along you could have kids,’’ he said, and she gasped.

The door flew open and Jason walked in, his gun trained on Dave and his eyes cold as ice.

‘’You are going to die, son of a bitch,’’ he said.

Chapter 17

‘’You are going to die, son of a bitch,’’ he said.

Dave smiled when Jason said that. He didn’t care what Jason said, because it wouldn’t matter.

‘’You know it doesn’t scare me,’’ he said after a while, and Jason shrugged.

‘’Are you ok Sam?’’ he asked, and when she nodded he turned his attention back on Dave. ‘’You know I really don’t care what scares you,’’ he told Dave, and he took a step forward.

‘’You think I will let you just kill me? You remember that little girlfriend of yours?’’ he said, and then he opened some curtain. There was Elizabeth tied up to a chair. Jason laughed hollowly.

‘’What are you going to do with her?’’ he asked, and he suddenly realized what Dave was doing. ‘’You’re making me choose?’’ he asked, and Dave nodded.

‘’I know you like both the woman – maybe you love the one and the other and I don’t really care what it is – their under you’re protection and both have something of you,’’ he said, and Jason nodded. Dave was right. ‘’You choose between the one or the other, and I’ll even give them some time to plead with you to save you,’’ he said pointing to Sam, ‘’or you,’’ he pointed to Elizabeth.

‘’So you think by making me choose – you think I’ll choose Elizabeth and give you Sam to take with you?’’ he asked, and Dave nodded. ‘’I guess that’s fair. Well, you going to get that thing off of her?’’ Jason asked, and he shifted in his business mode. He needed to act like this didn’t get to him, seeing Sam and Elizabeth like that. Even though Elizabeth didn’t do anything for him anymore – he didn’t care about her anymore – he still didn’t wish this on her.

‘’Sure, big boy,’’ Dave said, and Jason nodded. Dave took the tape off of Elizabeth’s mouth, and she screamed.

‘’Jason you have to get me out of here, I need to get back to the boys, Jason please,’’ Elizabeth started to ramble, and Jason listened to her – or made it look like he listened to her, and moved on to Sam. He winked at her – he was with his back to Dave – and she looked up but didn’t move an inch.

‘’Sam, tell me why I should save you,’’ he snapped, and she flinched this time. He tried to get her to see this was for the best, but he knew there would be some things to talk about when they got home.

‘’I don’t care – maybe you should save her,’’ she said, pointing at Elizabeth, ‘’so you can be together as a family,’’ Sam said, ‘’and then I can go back to Dave and finally be with the one I love,’’ she added, and Jason widened his eyes when he saw the look on her face. Even he almost believed it, and when he looked back at Dave he could see the smug smile on his face.

‘’Ok, well – you heard it, she made my choice,’’ Jason said and he shrugged.

‘’Sure thing – just give me some time to get this to get off,’’ Dave mumbled, and Jason could see his hands trembling. Jason smiled and nodded to Sam, and when Dave turned around to let Elizabeth free, he was standing with his back to Jason and Sam. Sam couldn’t do much, but Jason trained his gun on Dave’s back and cleared his throat.

‘’I didn’t want to shoot you in the back,’’ he said, and then he pulled the trigger. Dave’s eyes widened when he realized he had made a mistake – a rookies mistake – and when the bullet his between his eyes he sank down. Elizabeth screamed, and Jason frowned at her for a moment before tying her hands again. ‘’I don’t want to take the chance you will run, I called the cops and I don’t want to give them a reason to let this slide again,’’ he said, and then he turned to Sam.

‘’Jason,’’ she whispered, and she flew in his arms and held on to him tight. ‘’I can’t believe you did that,’’ she added, and he smiled.

‘’No, I know I saw the look on your face – but you know I would do anything to safe you – I love you Sam,’’ he said, and he lifted her in his arms. ‘’Are you ok? I mean really?’’

‘’I’m fine, I just have a splitting headache – he gave me something I guess,’’ she replied, and he nodded.

‘’Now we’ll just have to wait until the cops arrive,’’ he said, and she nodded and closed her eyes. She loved being near to him, and she was glad he saved her.


The cops arrived not much later and took care of Dave’s body and took Elizabeth with them. They took statements from Sam and Jason and told them to get home and get some sleep. From now on it would be getting really busy with all the trials and stuff to convict Elizabeth.

‘’Jason, I just want to go home and sleep in your arms,’’ Sam whispered, when Jason stood there looking at the people investigating. Jason looked at Sam and smiled.

‘’I’ll take you home, babe. I’m sorry what I said before, I didn’t mean it and you know that right?’’ he asked, and she nodded and smiled.

‘’I love you, Jason and I think you just handled it the way you thought was best,’’ she said, and he nodded.

‘’I love you too, babe,’’ he said, ‘’did you get checked out?’’ he suddenly asked, and Sam nodded.

‘’I’m fine – they said it was because of that stuff he gave me, and it would wear off in a couple of hours with some rest,’’ she replied, and he nodded. Then he took her hand and drove home.


Sam smiled as she laid in Jason’s arms. They had taken a shower together and for once went to bed right away.

‘’I was so afraid I wouldn’t find you,’’ he suddenly whispered, ad she nodded. She had been scared of the same thing, but she didn’t give in.

‘’I was too – but you know what I did?’’ she said, and he shrugged, ‘’I thought of what you could do to get Michael back, and I knew you would find me,’’ she said, and he smiled.

‘’I love you – I trust you with my heart and life – o god – Sam, will you marry me?’’ he suddenly asked, and Sam widened her eyes and gasped.

‘’Are you sure, Jason – I mean I would love too-‘’

‘’Then we are going to get married – soon because I don’t want to wait anymore. I love you so much babe,’’ he said and he kissed the top of her head.

‘’I love you too, Jason,’’ she replied, and he sighed. Soon after he fell asleep with Sam in his arms, and Sam fell asleep with a smile on her face.


A year later

After everything that happened last year Jason and Sam were finally happy. Elizabeth and Dave were gone, and everything was finally calm. Jason had asked Sam to marry him and she had said yes – after that they decided to run to Hawaii to get married. Hawaii had always been the place in their hearts, and not only because they got married there. Sam had found out she was pregnant just after they had gotten married, and that was 6 months ago.

Sam was now 7 months pregnant and she glowed positively. ‘’Jason, Carly is on her way here,’’ Sam told Jason when she got off the phone. Carly had called and wanted them to know she was coming over – she didn’t ask, and she had never asked before – but Sam didn’t care anymore. She and Carly had become close over the last year, and she didn’t mind Carly coming over as much as she had in the past.

‘’Sure – again she tells us she is coming over,’’ Jason mumbled, but Sam knew he loved having Carly over when there was nothing he had to keep her mind off of doing. Lately he knew she couldn’t have any plans because Carly was also pregnant again, and he loved seeing Sam and Carly together. It was still a little weird to see them so close, but he knew they wouldn’t do anything to harm their babies.

‘’Jason – I need you to tell me something,’’ Sam suddenly said, and Jason came walking to her and smiled and nodded, inviting her to ask him whatever she wanted. ‘’Do you still not want to know what we are going to be – if it’s a boy or a girl?’’ she asked, and he shrugged.

‘’You were the first to say you wanted it to be a surprise, and I only did what you asked me too – if you want to know I want to know too, but you have to understand that I only said I didn’t want to know and I only kept you from asking Dr. Lee because you said I had to do that,’’ he rambled, and Sam sighed and smiled.

‘’I know, but I’d love to know what we are going to get – I mean I have a feeling it’s going to be a girl but you never know,’’ she said, and he nodded.

‘’If you want to know we can ask Dr. Lee the next appointment, Sam. Don’t worry about that,’’ he told her, and just then there was a knock on the door and Carly walked in. She at least knocked before barging in, and Jason was glad for that.

‘’Hey you guys,’’ she said, and hugged them both. ‘’I was on my way here and I heard something on the news that was good news for you two,’’ she said, and Sam frowned.

‘’What could be good news for us?’’ she asked, and Carly sighed with a smile.

‘’Well, they found Elizabeth in her cell – she had hung herself because she had lost everything,’’ Carly said, and Sam sighed and looked down. She didn’t know what to feel about Elizabeth’s death, because on the one hand she was relieved and on the other she felt sorry for the woman.

‘’Thanks for telling us – but do you honestly think we care enough?’’ Jason said, and he got his stone cold voice. Sam looked up at him and saw him smiling, and Carly widened her eyes.

‘’I – I’m sorry I didn’t…’’

‘’Carly, he’s kidding you,’’ Sam told Carly, who nodded and sighed of relief. ‘’Jason,’’ Sam said warningly, and Jason shook his head and laughed.

‘’I’m sorry – now on to the other thing you came to see us for,’’ Jason said, and Carly nodded and smiled brightly.

‘’I found out I’m having a baby girl,’’ she exclaimed, and Sam smiled and congratulated her, and Jason did the same.

‘’That’s good news, Carly. I was just asking Jason if we should ask Dr. Lee the sex because we need to do the nursery,’’ Sam said, and Carly nodded with a smile.

‘’I think you will have a girl,’’ Carly said softly, and Sam laughed softly.

‘’I don’t know but either way I want a healthy baby,’’ she replied, and Jason nodded and agreed.

After everything that had happened in the last year or so, he was finally where he wanted to be with a family on the way and Sam by his side. Carly was a lot calmer lately and he didn’t have to run out every time he heard she did something stupid. He loved this life, and he knew Sam did too.

Sam was looking at Jason and saw the love and happiness in his eyes and smiled. She loved him with all her heart and she was happy to be with him again. She also was happy to be pregnant again after all the time she had thought she couldn’t conceive anymore. She loved this life and she knew Jason did too.

Carly looked at the both of them and she could see the love and happiness in their eyes. She felt like she was too much and she left without saying goodbye, but she wasn’t sad. She loved the love between them and she knew they both were happy and content with their lives. She knew they wouldn’t want to change a thing and she smiled as she closed the door behind her. They had a fairytale life, and they both knew it.

The end!